Friday, December 30, 2011

We LOVE Our Tigers

(I did not make this.  It is from a favorite Etsy store)
We LOVE our Tigers here in Louisiana!
And we are getting ready for the National Championship Game. 
We have to have perfect shirts, yummy food, beautiful wreaths and friends and family when we watch our TIGERS! 

 An embroidery shop online had new designs for LSU fans and the "other" team.  This one was too cute not to make.  I already had all the LSU fabric.

It was one of those designs that had 31 thread changes. I made the largest size so it took a long time to finish it.  The design is from Applique Corner if anyone needs a cute Tiger design.  This is for Sloaney and of course I'll stitch something for Grayson. 
They love LSU, too!


  1. ooooooo.... if I didn't love houndstooth so much I might defect for these cute shirts! Adorable!

    ~Ann, from the "other team"

  2. I made a similar tiger for Lily from Applique Corner...I also made a sign almost like that but painted on burlap. We do love our Tigers...thinking about making a mesh wreath for my door...just need some energy! Good job! I'm going to get my blog back up and running soon!!

  3. Hehe! Ann, thanks for your cute comment. Should be a great game for all fans!

  4. See I told you Zandra! We like our shirts, wreaths, food and our Tigers!! Would love to see your shirt, burlap football and wreath (get up and make it :)!