Monday, January 31, 2011

Twisted Hearts

 I just finished an order for a friend who picked out this design.  It is called Twisted Hearts designed by Embroitique.  At first I wasn't that sure about it but now I love it!  She wanted 5 for her little girl and her friends. 
 We used red and pink on all the shirts and onesies.  On this onesie I used a font called Mandi.  It is a Valentine font because it uses hearts in place of dots on I's and J's.
 On the other shirts and onesies I used the Denise font which is just a curly script.
 Bella's onesie......

Elle's onesie.......
 I make a ruffle ribbon for the bottom of Elle's shirt.

 Valentine pails for brothers .......
And one for their sister!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just Practicing

I'm not clairvoyant....just practicing doing a birth announcement.  I've been wanting to improve my PhotoShop Elements skills for a long time.  When I want to learn something I can be pretty determined.  Just like with anything new it takes time which is something I don't seem to have enough of.  I  took a class last year but still could not do what I wanted to do with PSE.  But recently I asked my young friend to give me some tips.  I would be so happy to be able to make invitations and fun things......not manipulate pictures.  So I practiced by making a birth announcement.

 It's hard to see but I used two different papers, two different fonts and a png graphic.  I won't say PSE is something that the more you play with it the easier it gets because it's so different from other programs.  I'm certainly not good at it but it's a start.  I used about 5-6 layers.  It makes me want to learn lots more. 
I added the S to the chair and added a little bling with a stone on the top of the chair.  I think I'd better stick with embroidery :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mini Pails and Hero Up!

 These pails called my name at Hobby Lobby.  I didn't really know what I'd do with them but pale pink anything is just too sweet for me to pass up.  So I added a white Curlz initial, tissue paper and pink satin ribbon. 
 Sloan's little pail.  She may not be here for Valentine Day's but just in case she's got a pail.
 A big birthday boy is having a Hero Up! party.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentine Mugs

 I found these great mugs and thought about my husband's secretaries.  I plan to fill them with lots of Valentine goodies. I cut their initials with my Cricut using permanent vinyl so that the mugs can be washed and the vinyl will stay on.
 The font is Lucinda Handwriting.  I will try to share the finished gift later when I have it all completed.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BeBe Bib

 I still have a lot to sew before Sloan arrives but I'm doing a bit every night.  Tonight I worked on birthday favors for a birthday party.  I am very happy with how they turned out but I won't show them until after the party.  I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for all the birthday boy's little guests.  It will be an adorable 3rd birthday party.  Then I personalized a bib for Sloan.
I used the Denise font from 8 claws and a paw.  What a wonderful font!  Then I added a black and white ruffled ribbon.  I may add ruffles on everything I make for little girls.  Love ruffles and bows!

Sweet BeBe Bib

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ruffle Ribbon Burp

 I received a Kelly's Kids catalog this weekend.  I think they target grandmothers because I have no idea why I got one.  Everything in there is so darn cute that you want one of everything.  But I kept going back to a towel with three rows of ruffled ribbon on it.
 I just had to buy some of that ribbon so I googled "ruffled ribbon" but there was none to buy.  I just had to have that ribbon so I made my own. 
After I had my ribbon ruffled I wasn't sure the best way to put it on my burp so I googled that, too.  What did we ever do without computers and Google?
Voila!  A ruffled ribbon burp. I may try a ruffled onesie.  Will gladly share my tricks and tips if there are any non-sewers like me:)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photo Album for Me!

 My daughter had a Bebe shower yesterday and she had a gorgeous baby book.  It was covered in white moire taffeta with Sloan's initials monogrammed on the front in pink.....gorgeous I remind you.  So..........I got inspired.  Years ago, about 24 to be exact, my mother-in-law, Jeri, and I took a class that taught us to cover albums with fabric.  I remembered the directions for the most part.
 It's just that we don't have easy access to beautiful fabrics unless we go way out of town or maybe order online.  I was determined to do this project today so I used some polka dot fabric and ribbon I had on hand.  I downloaded a new font from 8 claws and a paw went to sewing and gluing.  Mine is not gorgeous but it's just for me. 
 Maybe I'll get some better fabric and try another one.  It's a start.  But what's important is what's inside which will be pictures of my newest grand baby......Sloan.  She will make her debut next month!
Sloan Josephine Augustine's photo album for Bella :) 
Educators are off tomorrow so that includes me!
Have a great Monday holiday!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


 It is sooooo cold outside and tomorrow we will have to get up and get going in this weather.  Soooo I thought we needed a little treat to warm us up at school tomorrow.  I had these pink boxes and added some red metallic shreds in the bottom.
 Added in a package of hot chocolate mix and a candy cane to use as a stir.  Made a quick homemade, well sorta homemade, brownie-fudgy bar to eat while sipping our hot chocolate.  The brownie-fudgy bar started with a cake mix and I kinda adlibed since I wasn't about to get out and go to the grocery store.
Then I topped it all off with some Kisses and a couple packs of Sixlets.  Going to school in the cold weather with be a little bit sweeter.  I hope you have a wonderful Monday :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

More for Brooklyn

 I'm still working on things for Baby Brooklyn.  I stitched three onesies for her.  This one is Gigi Font which is a double applique with the decorative top stitch.  It from PlanetApplique.
 Curlz in brown and aqua on the onesie and just an initial on the back of the ruffled pants.

 Sweet Tweet Birdie from PlanetApplique, too.  It has the decorative top stitch which is soooo cute.
 The font is All That Jazz from 8 Claws and a Paw.
I have to add her initial to the back of these pants.  A few more things for Brooklyn and then gotta sew for Sloan again.  She needs a few onesies, too.