Saturday, December 3, 2011

A December Weekend

Tonight my mother and I went to watch and hear a living Christmas tree at an area church.  It was absolutely wonderful.  I've watched it many times in past years but this year it was excellent.  I only cried about 4 times but then I can cry at commercials.  I think the spirit of the season will be nearer and dearer to me because of this program.  I just wish my entire family could have heard it.

Earlier today I was in the cookie baking mood so I tried out some new semi-homemade cookie mixes.

{Chocolate Peppermint}

{Really yummy, too}

I made my cream cheese frosting to top them with and sprinkled them with the  peppermint chips that came in the box.
Chocolate and Peppermint are a great combo :)

These guys definitely had a learning curve.  I finally got the hang of them on the last few cookies and next time I will be prepared.

My advice for making gingerbread people is to keep the dough chilled and keep the cutting surface floured well.  If you do that they are easier to move to the baking sheet and will not break.  Also, the next time I will color some of my icing red or have some candy for the buttons.  He just needs some color.

Little treat boxes I found at Big Lots

Big Sister shirt

Little Sister shirt

Good Night!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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