Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Apple Apron

More VBS things!  Two of my friends are teaching crafts for Vacation Bible School and they wanted aprons to wear just in case they have some messy projects :)  They wanted to use apples but to be able to use their aprons after VBS is over.  Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the other apron.  It was similar but I used a black apron.

Today I went to Lake Charles to take a sewing class (just me and the teacher).  I learned to make button holes, a blind hem, to make gathers using my serger, to improve the look of my serging stitches and just a lot of little things.  I put button holes on the red knot dress I made and presented it to daughter.  She liked it!  It was good to learn some basics and to improve on other things.  Can't wait to sew another pattern soon. 

Have a wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We went with family to Natchitoches yesterday evening. Natchitoches is a step-back in time with it's Front Street shops, restaurants, brick streets and laid-back relaxed feel. It is also a beautiful little town with the most amazing hanging flower baskets. I think my favorite time to visit Natchitoches is in the Fall when it is cool and the streets are filled with hay and pumpkins and the hanging flower baskets are filled with fall flowers.  I took a few pictures downtown and hope that you enjoy the view and everyone needs to make a trip to visit Natchitoches at least once a year.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Red Seersucker Knot Dress

The 1st Knot dress I made was for someone else but this one is for Sloan.  It went together much easier than the 1st one.  I found the red seersucker fabric this weekend in Lake Charles.

The fabric has lots of body and is a good weight and is perfect for this dress.  I almost put a crab on the bib but this dress just needs a 3 initial monogram so that's what I did.

I love this dress pattern
Since I didn't put the crab on the dress I put it on a burp cloth.

 It's for July 4th so I added lots of red, white and blue ribbon

Need a delicious little gift for someone?  Start with a $1.00 mug from the $1.00 store......

Bake your favorite bread recipe right in it (I used a Banana Nut Bread recipe)

Wrap it up with cellophane, ribbon and a little "God Bless America" sign. have a wonderful homemade treat for someone.
Enjoy your Monday afternoon!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I finished everything for Alex, my great-niece and they must go in the mail for Ohio.  I have so many things I want to make for her but need to get these things to her for now.  I attempted a tank-dress.  I started with a tank and a piece of adorable lady bug fabric.  I cut the tank, serged and gathered the skirt fabric and attached it to the tank.  Hemmed it and ready to go.  I covered a button but it just didn't need a button.

I hope to make a onesie dress following the same basic idea.

I made her another July 4th shirt....she'll have several to choose from.  This is a simple flag tee that was great just like it was but I added a ruffle and a star button to "dress" it up a bit.

Ok....... finished and ready to pack up!

XOXO Alexandra from Aunt Karen

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Red, White & Blue Bloomers

Red, White & Blue
I can't seem to get enough of these colors right now.  I think because I didn't get a chance to sew or decorate for Memorial Day I want to make up for it with the 4th of July.  I'm sure when Sloan wears a 12 month these bloomers will be easier to make but this little size takes lots of patience.

I started with my favorite fabric right now...a red & white stripe then added 3 other fabrics.

Here are those 3 ruffles I told you I thought would look cute on the back.  Cute but lots of patience :)

I'm going to get to see my babies tomorrow!  I will have a wonderful Thursday and I hope you do, too!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little Firecracker

Cash has a birthday and July 4th to celebrate next month!  His mommy wanted a cute but definitely "boy" style design for him.  We found this design at Embroidery-Boutique.  I decided to do something other than a white tee and I think it shows up very well on the navy.

The star bursts are actually silver thread.  I wanted to used white to outline the fabric stars but thought it would be too much white and silver.  Soooooo I used red to outline the stars.

Then I thought it would be too much red to use red for the name sooooooo I used red and white and I think it worked!  What a cute little "firecracker" Cash will be for the 4th. 


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Projects

My friend has a new granddaughter and I think she needs a special onesie for July 4th.  This is an old design from a couple years ago but I think it is still a great design.  I added the wording which you could add any wording you like.  I also think the swirls would be cute too in silver or gold metallic.

The stars have the extra top stitching which just makes it even cuter.

A friend at school gave me an "end-of-school" treat very much like these.  We decided we needed to figure them out.  This is my version.  Just a tiny little gift but don't we all love anything hand-made.  The original one had a pen with the same paper inside the clear  barrel of the pen.  I'm looking for the pens like that which we can put a piece of matching  scrap booking paper inside.

I stamped an Eiffel Tower on the front paper but I am also looking for a horizontal stamp that could be stamped close to the bottom.  I just need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby!

I tackled a pair of bloomers this afternoon.  These are much harder than they look.  I love these but whew.....they are a bugger at least for me.  I like perfect and the leg casings are not perfect.  The pattern said they do not have to be perfect but hopefully my next pair will be better.

I think these would be adorable with 2-3 rows of ruffles on back and maybe one of those ruffles could be tulle or chiffon.

So here's the whole outfit


The bloomer pattern was free and I will happily share the site where you can find it.  I will also share the how tos for the post-it holders.  Just let me know what you want.
Have a great week!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Girly Stuff

 It'a all about girls today.   Lizzie needed some baby gifts for dance teachers who are having babies.  So we decided on the ballerina tutu.  I made it as large as I could on the little onesie which left me no room under the tutu or over it for the name. Sooooo the name is beside it which I think worked out good

The ruffle at the neckline is a pre-ruffled ribbon I bought at Hobby Lobby.  This one is a medium pink and matched the polka dot fabric.

Genny's onesie is a brighter pink and I happened to have the same ribbon in the bright pink to match.

By the way Dance Recital is this weekend!  Good luck to all the big and little dancers or rather "Break a leg"  Seems like yesterday I was back stage helping with changes and make-up.  I hope a get to do that all again with Sloaney one day :)

This is the birthday shirt for my great-niece Alex.  Her party will be a Barbie theme and she will be the Barbie Princess.  This design is so pretty.  I've had it for awhile and finally was able to try it.

I added crystals to the crown and gave her a "diamond" necklace.  Alexandra will be a perfect little 5 year old birthday princess!

A halter top for Sloan!  I used 5 different fabrics for the little top.  This was not a beginner project but I was able to figure it all out.  The bodice with the monogramming and the straps took alot of thinking and re-reading the instructions.

This is the back....only one fabric panel.  Notice the little elastic back :) Can't wait to see tiny Sloaney in this.

 I ddidn't want you to miss the asymmetrical favorite part.  I was even able to serge all the seams. (Remember I'm a beginner at sewing.....I'm learning as I go)
I'm going to make her a pair of bloomers in the solid pink to match so it will be an outfit.
Thanks for looking.
Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!