Monday, December 26, 2011

Valentine Treat Bag

I saw this idea on .....yes of course Pinterest!  It was a Merry Christmas bag so I decided to turn it into a Happy Valentines Bag.  This is a project that is soooo simple. 

I typed my message in Word and centered it for an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper.  I used Chocolate Box Decorative font for {Happy} and Giselle font for everything else. I downloaded both of those from  I made the wording very large- 72 point font size.  I used the larger size brown lunch bags which measure about 6" x 12". 

I placed one lunch bag centered on a regular sheet of printer paper and lightly taped both sides with small piece of tape.  For my printer I placed the open end of the bag at the bottom of the printer paper.  I just ran the bag through the printer and it worked beautifully.  You may have to experiment with your printer and paper and see how it works best for you.  I then used a hole punch to make 2 holes in the top.  On one I used a 1.5" x 15" strip of fabric ( and trimmed a bit) and on the other a piece of ribbon.  I think either way is cute.  It is a fun way to package your Valentine Goodies, Birthday treats or Christmas goodies  The bags can be customized to fit any occasion.

I couldn't resist showing off my sweet babies.  I got them in front of the Christmas tree this afternoon.  Sloan loves her new "ride".  We push her around one end of the house to the other.

Although Grayson has his own red Cozy Coupe, he likes to take his sister's new one for a spin around the house.  We had a parade going around the house all afternoon.

I hope you and your families had the most wonderful Christmas full of memories, good food, laughter, and time together. 



  1. I just ran across you blog via pinterest! I love it! I am a Cricut addict!
    I am curious about your embroidery machine, what kind do you have, your creations are amazing!

    Kristi M

  2. Thanks Kristi! I have a Janome 1100. I had a Janome 350E prior to that. I love Janome products. If I can answer any embroidery questions let me know.