Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Christmas Weekend

Weekends are so wonderful but even more so in December.  We had our little Grayson for a couple of days.  He keeps us laughing and busy.  We are so thankful we are blessed to be grandparents.  I've already asked his mommy for another weekend SOON!  He fell asleep this afternoon listening and dancing to Christmas music.

We have Secret Santa this weekend at school and I had to get busy after Grayson went home and get my Monday gift ready.  My secret friend likes the color red, chocolate, LSU, Saints, Dr. Pepper and chocolate chip cookies!
I used the color red on this candle.  I bought an inexpensive candle and cut her initial with my Cricut and vinyl.  I added polka dots around the candle and then tied it up with pretty ribbon.

Everyone likes candles especially at Christmas time.

Then I fixed her a little goodie basket.  I bought these wooden baskets weeks ago at the $ store.  I filled it with home-made chocolate cookies, York Patties (one of my favorite candies), a Dr. Pepper and Candy Canes.

I love the burlap ribbon I found at WalMart.  So Monday is taken care what am I going to do for Tuesday???????

My front door!
My daughter has a friend who is so talented.  She came up Saturday and decorated my door.  I couldn't believe what a great job she did.  I was thrilled when I saw it.  She said "I'll come take it down for you after Christmas."   I said...."it's never coming down!"  She promised to turn it into Valentines Day for me so I don't have to take it down.

I just can't twist that mesh ribbon around and make it look good.  Many people can but not me.
Thanks Ashley!

Count down to Christmas!
Happy baking!
Happy wrapping!
Happy shopping!
Happy decorating!
Happy resting and just enjoying!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I'm a new follower from Pinterest. I love looking at all the creative blogs! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
    Brooke @

  2. Hi Brooke! Thanks for following me. I'll be looking at your blog soon. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, too!

  3. Ashley should do a youtube video tutorial, that door looks gorgeous!!

  4. what cricut font did you use for the inital? I love it!

  5. Hi, I agree with Felicia, a tutorial needs to be done on that door. It is beautiful, I'm jealous ;>)) I want one too. Just remember, when you put a tutorial on Youtube, you could end up making money from it. If enough people click on, you are in the money. But please e-mail us and let us know you did it and where it is.
    Doris in NC

  6. I would love to see the valentine door.

  7. This looks amazing! I was wondering what color your door is painted?