Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

I have had a wonderful day spent in the kitchen trying new recipes and making a few Valentine gifts.  I tried Paula Deen's Red Beans and Rice Soup.  The recipe called for a pressure cooker but since I don't have one I cooked it on the stove in a traditional sauce pan.  I thought the recipe was very good.  It does have more broth than regular Red Beans and Rice. I also tried her Strawberry Jam Cake with Fresh Berry Frosting.  It is yummy!  I heard the other day that cupcakes will be replaced by layer cakes this year.  Layer cakes are the new trend.  I don't want cupcakes to go.......I love those delicious little  works of art.  I need someone to teach me the art of layer cakes.  Mine want to lean and shift :) Anyway these 2 recipes can be found in Cooking with Paula Deen- January/February 2012

This is an old project that I haven't done in awhile.  It uses an old fashion composition book ( the black and white ones that cost about $1.00).  I measure and cut scrapbook paper to fit the front, back and inside.  Then I apply the paper with double-stick tape, round the edges of the paper, add a bow and any embellishments that you like.  My daughter inherited the "make lists for everything" gene.  So this is for her to use for the new year to make her lists.

A good friend gave me a jar of Gingerbread play dough mix for Christmas, of course to make for my grand kidos.  I thought it was the greatest little gift.  So when I saw this one I thought it would work for Valentine's Day.  I think anything with peppermint is for V-Day, too.  I made the dough and wrapped it in cling wrap and put it inside this cute little pail I bought at Target.  I only bought one....wish I'd gotten more.

I added a bow, candy cane, heart shaped cookie cutter and the recipe.  The recipe and free labels came from here.  Great gift for little ones and it smells sooooo good.....(peppermint extract).

I also stitched another shirt for Sloaney.  This is a V-Day shirt.  I want to add either a fabric ruffle or ribbon ruffle to the hem of the shirt.  I just haven't decided which I will do.

I hope to find a pair of pink or black leggings and add a ruffle to them also.
I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's Eve.  I will be right here watching TV ( boring I know).

Happy 2012!

Friday, December 30, 2011

We LOVE Our Tigers

(I did not make this.  It is from a favorite Etsy store)
We LOVE our Tigers here in Louisiana!
And we are getting ready for the National Championship Game. 
We have to have perfect shirts, yummy food, beautiful wreaths and friends and family when we watch our TIGERS! 

 An embroidery shop online had new designs for LSU fans and the "other" team.  This one was too cute not to make.  I already had all the LSU fabric.

It was one of those designs that had 31 thread changes. I made the largest size so it took a long time to finish it.  The design is from Applique Corner if anyone needs a cute Tiger design.  This is for Sloaney and of course I'll stitch something for Grayson. 
They love LSU, too!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Valentine Gifts

My husband and I always take a short get-away trip right after Christmas.  This year we didn't want to go far.  We headed out Tuesday morning and are already home.  It's always nice to go even if it's only for a day or two.  We're back and the Christmas tree and decorations are calling my be put away until next year.  Maybe tomorrow.  I've got other things I want to do tonight ...... like make some Valentine gifts.

I've had this pail on hand for awhile.  It needed some decorating.  Before we left I ordered several Valentine svgs.  This heart was one of them.  Let me tell you it took some time to weed and apply this heart.  I love it but it takes some patience but I think it's worth it.  The xoxo is the Giselle font again.  It has a romantic French look.

I've been wanting to try these post-it holders.  They are on Pinterest and I thought they would make a great Valentine gift.  I started with a $1.00 acrylic frame from WalMart.  I cut scrapbook paper to fit the frame and slid it into the frame.  Next I matched ribbon to the paper, added chipboard hearts that were on the clearance table at Hobby Lobby. 

I used about half of a sticky note pad and adhered it with double-stick tape.  I used a combination of low-temp glue and double stick tape to secure everything else.

As the finishing touch I used an Eiffel Tower stamp on the post-it notes.  What an easy project for your sweet friends for Valentines Day!

If you would like to see my inspiration please check out

Have a wonderful Friday!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Valentine Treat Bag

I saw this idea on .....yes of course Pinterest!  It was a Merry Christmas bag so I decided to turn it into a Happy Valentines Bag.  This is a project that is soooo simple. 

I typed my message in Word and centered it for an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper.  I used Chocolate Box Decorative font for {Happy} and Giselle font for everything else. I downloaded both of those from  I made the wording very large- 72 point font size.  I used the larger size brown lunch bags which measure about 6" x 12". 

I placed one lunch bag centered on a regular sheet of printer paper and lightly taped both sides with small piece of tape.  For my printer I placed the open end of the bag at the bottom of the printer paper.  I just ran the bag through the printer and it worked beautifully.  You may have to experiment with your printer and paper and see how it works best for you.  I then used a hole punch to make 2 holes in the top.  On one I used a 1.5" x 15" strip of fabric ( and trimmed a bit) and on the other a piece of ribbon.  I think either way is cute.  It is a fun way to package your Valentine Goodies, Birthday treats or Christmas goodies  The bags can be customized to fit any occasion.

I couldn't resist showing off my sweet babies.  I got them in front of the Christmas tree this afternoon.  Sloan loves her new "ride".  We push her around one end of the house to the other.

Although Grayson has his own red Cozy Coupe, he likes to take his sister's new one for a spin around the house.  We had a parade going around the house all afternoon.

I hope you and your families had the most wonderful Christmas full of memories, good food, laughter, and time together. 


Friday, December 23, 2011

I Love Pinterest

I saw this cute, cute charger on Pinterest and just had to make one.  I read the how-to's on Angie's blog and made my version.  I love her tree and she ever told me where to locate the svg file but I ended up just using a snowflake that I have in my software.

This is a start for this year.  I'll work on getting my cuter :)

The font I used is AR Christy.  I don't remember if it was already on my computer or if I downloaded it from  It is a fun one that I will use again.

Just like Angie did, I made a template matching the snowflakes on my charger and used it to "frost" my cookies.  I dusted powder sugar over the snowflake template.

I will have to remember this idea for next year for fun gifts!

What did we do before Pinterest?

Merry Christmas from the Cousins

The 6 cousins had a big time last night opening presents, riding the dune buggy and just being together.

They want to wish everyone a Merry, Merry Christmas!

Miss Sloan was beautiful in her Christmas dress

Gingerbread cupcakes I made this morning.

Just a couple of presents left to wrap and a little cooking today.  I plan to relax and watch a movie and enjoy my son and his girlfriend who will be here shortly.

Happy countdown to the best day of the whole year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Day

Tonight we are having Christmas in a town about 20 miles away from us.  We will be with my family, my kids, and all of my grand babies, including Elizabeth and Alex who are my step-grand kids.  There will be 6 little ones there tonight so we are going to celebrate the birthday of Baby Jesus.  I have 2 beautiful nativity sets that I dearly love but I must say this new one is so sweet it may be favorite.  I bought it with my grand babies in mind.  It is wooden and they can arrange it and move it around all they want.

I've been listening to a new CD a good friend got me.  It's Michael Buble's newest Christmas album and I just keep playing it over and over (I'm weird like that :)  I wish each of you could hear it here. Even though I'm so happy today I can't help feeling a little melancholy just because (I'm weird like that :) 

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!  My daughter told me Grayson loves nativities and every time she picks him up from nursery school he wants to go see Baby Jesus and Mary ( I think it's the Methodist Church that has a big outdoor nativity)

I got the local bakery to make us a cake for tonight!  Did I already say I love Nativity scenes?

I have lots of gifts for all the little folks for tonight.  I can't wait to see then open their gifts from Bella and Papa Asa!

I'm going to read Luke 2 from my new Grandmother's Bible (given to me by a dear friend who is a grandmother, too) before we travel tonight.  I hope to share that story with them before opening gifts and eating cake.

Have a wonderful day and evening!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Little Something for Sloan

I'm finally sewing a bit for my family.  I wanted something for Sloan for Christmas but I didn't want a traditional Christmas design. 

I used a scalloped frame from Applique Market and the Empire font in the center.  The green fabric is from AllBrands and the red and white stripe fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I added ruffled grosgrain rick rack.

I made her a matching bib.  I used the same exact design and fabric.

I added the ruffled grosgrain rick rack at the neck of the bib.

I have knitted her a hat to match and will sew on the green and red polka dots tomorrow.  It will be a fun outfit for her to have this week.  I have 4 towels to finish and then I can sew all I want for my friends and family! 

2 days of school for students and 1 teacher workday and vacay begins!
Have a super Monday :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

8 Days Until Christmas

JOY is what I am feeling right now.......because I finished Lizzie's pillowcases.  All 17 of them!  She brought them to me months ago but I'm just now finishing them.

There were 8 for girls.  I must admit I enjoyed stitching the girly ones more than the boys. I'll share just a few of my favorites.

Miss Emily

Alli is a ballerina

Tyler loves baseball

And a car for Bryce

And I'm finishing up gifts for secretaries at my school.  I love secretaries.....they do so much for everyone and generally keep a school running on track.  I certainly know how much they help me! 

Happy Sunday everyone!