Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saint Pat's Day

Sloan's St. Patrick's Day onesie!
I used the same circle from PlanetApplique as I did in the last design.
This time I changed threads on the top stitch of the for satin stitch and green for the top stitch.
Shamrock is from AppliqueCafe

Font is Chachie from 8clawsandapaw

For Grayson's shirt I used the larger circle and shamrock.
Everything else is the same.

Grayson's shirt was done on an 8x8 frame.
It was much much to work on than the tiny onesie.
I was afraid I was going to sew the onesie together or stick my fingers.
No checking email or sipping on iced tea while doing a tiny onesie!

Brother and Sister outfits
Won't they look adorable in their shirts?
I think Alex needs one, too.
Have a wonderful Monday :)

Easter Bunnies

This is one of the bunnies that I ordered the other night.  The design is from AppliqueCafe.  The font is Whoa Nelly which is a very popular font on Etsy and embroidery sites right now.  I got it from 8clawsandapaw but I have seen it on other sites, too.
I put the simple bunny on a circle from PlanetApplique.  On Grayson's I used a blue micro gingham check and made a chocolate bunny.  The circle from PA has a satin finishing stitch and then a decorative top stitch on the satin.   I think it is such a great finish.
On Sloan's onesie I used a rick-rack pattern seersucker fabric and a white waffle fabric for the bunny. 
Her name is in WhoaNelly, also.  I wanted a more simple classic look for this shirt and onesie since the bunny is called Simple Bunny. 
This is another Garanimal fleece jacket with a monogram for a friend of mine who is having another granddaughter soon.  I used the Bella font and shaped the initials in an oval shape.  I love doing those with my software.  I think with larger initials it would be easier to see the shape.  These are only 1" initials.  I'm going to try some St. Patrick's Day clover shirts next.
Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Fleece Pieces

These Garanimal fleece pieces looked like spring to me.  They just needed a monogram to complete the look. 

I learned to turn any three initials into a monogram on my Embird software tonight.  It is so easy to make any shape monogram.  This one has the center initial just slightly larger than the other two.  The software will take any three initials and make it any size or shape. 

Just a single S in SweetTart font.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Black, White and Aqua

I saw this bundle of wash cloths and could not resist them. The set came with 6 cloths so I think I will stitch the other 3 in orange.  Tonight I ordered 3 bunny designs and 1 carrot design.....Easter may be late this year but it is still just around the corner.  I can't wait to try them out!  Maybe this weekend.
Have a great short week.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hooded Towels for Sloan

I made Sloan several hooded towels.  They take a little more time to complete but they are worth the extra effort.  I have found the best towels to use are Mainstays True Colors from WalMart.  They are nice & thick and the price is good.  To make one hooded towel you need 1 towel & 1 hand towel (or actually half of it).  I usually buy 2 towels and 1 hand towel so that will make 2 complete hooded towels.  The hoods can be made small for babies or larger for toddlers.  They are really useful at bath time as I found out this week as I bathed Grayson.  It was nice to cover his little head, too when drying him.  Anyway I'm sure you know all that. 

This is the kind of hand towel that is best for making the hood for the towels.  Notice there is no extra ribbing on the towel.  That way you can do a nice monogram or design at the edge and the ribbing is not in the way.  Just a nicer look.  This is the Mainstays True Colors towel.  The only problem is that they don't make a soft pink or soft blue so I mainly use white.

This is a baby pink hand towel from Target which is pretty but the ribbing gets in the way when you embroidered design.  However, the opposite end is plain and you can get 1 good hood from these towels.
Completed towel with a smooth hood and there is not any ribbing in the way.

After I embroider my design close to the bottom of the hand towel and sew on ribbon,  I put right sides together and stitch on the wrong side curving toward the end so that I have a rounded hood.  Then I put a zigzag stitch on the seam so that it doesn't ravel. 

Then at the center of the right side of the towel I put the center right side of my hood.  Then I stitch the hood and towel together.  I wouldn't dare use my new sewing machine.  I use my almost 30 year old Singer.  It is sturdy and will sew anything.  Since you are sewing through double thicknesses of terry and over even thicker ribbing it's pretty rough on the machine. 

But that's all there is to it!  I will gladly share pictures if you need more help.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wedding Gifts

A former student of mine is getting married!  She was such a joy to have in class and now she is a teacher and we work together.  So she's really special to me.  I wanted to give her something personalized.

This is her soon-to-be last name.  I used a green and turquoise background paper and put her last name and initial in the front of the frame in vinyl.  I've seen so many beautiful frames lately with big bows.  Since I love bows and try to put them on everything I added a big turquoise bow.

Then I made her a journal.  Using the same paper I covered the front, back and inside with coordinating paper.  I used more vinyl for her initial.


Also, I monogrammed her a couple of brown towels. I used the x-large KK monogram. It is a 7 inch initial.....big & bold.
Congratulations Nichole!  I'm so happy for you!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sloan Josephine Augustine

{a little gift from my daughter}

Sloan Josephine Augustine

February 16, 2011

11:56 AM

7 Pounds 15 ounces

20 inches

{a big gift from my daughter}

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gingham Bunny

 I love bunny rabbits and this one is an old design but it's hard to find one any sweeter than this.  If I remember correctly it is from Embroidery-Boutique.  I'm looking for a new Bunny design for this spring.  I have it narrowed down to two that I like.  One is just a simple outline of a standing bunny.  The sample is shown with a three initial monogram on the body of the rabbit. The other is a bunny face with big floppy ears and a bow on the bunny's head.  I can't decide.
I did this little fellow in pink gingham and added Sloan in matching pink thread.  It is a newborn size so it's not really for Easter but I think babies can wear bunnies at anytime.  Don't you?

Those of you that sew are familiar with cute trims but I depend mainly on ribbon for my trim.  However, as I was perusing the sparse ribbon isle at WalMart these gingham rosettes caught my attention.  I knew I'd find a use for them not thinking about "sweet bunny".  A perfect match!  I debated how to attach them.....glue, safety pins or a little thread.  I went for the thread.  You seamstresses out there did I pick the best one?  Will these little rosettes stand up in the wash?  Anyway they are sooooo sweet and even if they only last for one or two wearings I like them.  My goal for this summer is to learn how to use bias tape.  I think that is what it's called......ones in gingham, plaids and beautiful colors.  I know it's probably an easy thing to learn just gotta tackle it and do it. 
The weather is beautiful!  Hope you enjoy a glorious week!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big Brother Shirts

 Grayson's Big Brother shirt
 Brown gingham is in the center on this one.
 Alex's Big Brother shirt.  Notice the fabric is changed around a bit on this one.  We thought the lighter fabric should be in the center. On Grayson's shirt I tried to separate the two polka dot fabrics but on Alex's shirt they are next to each other.
Now to make Sloan a coordinating onesie.  Help me decide what I should do for her.  Please send your suggestions.  I was thinking Baby in fabric and Sister underneath.  However, Baby is almost too large for a newborn onesie.  Help me decide!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Rocks

 Grayson is having a Valentine party Monday at school so his mommy wanted a shirt for him to wear for that special day.  She told me what she wanted and I put it together.
The guitar design is from Applique Cafe and the font is Green Bean.
Have a rockin' fun day my sweet Grayson!

Monday, February 7, 2011

 Tonight I went to a cookie exchange.....yes in February.  Actually it was my teacher's organization meeting and it is an annual event in February.  It's really nice to have a cookie exchange around Valentines Day because you can share your cookies with family and friends at a special time and not be quite as busy as we all are in December.
 I cheated and made Brownie Bites instead of cookies.  It is much easier and that's what I'm all about.  If you need a quick Valentine treat for work or for you loved ones this is a good one.  Who doesn't love a brownie?  I used a boxed brownie mix and baked them in mini-muffin pans.  If you don't let them sit too long they will come out easily with a knife inserted on one side.  They just kinda pop out.  Of course be sure to lightly coat pans with Pam before baking.

 Then I made my homemade cream cheese icing and tinted it with a tiny bit of Wilton red icing color.  Using a Wilton tip I piped on the pink frosting and voila a beautiful little bite of "heaven" by way of chocolate brownies and cream cheese frosting.
I then placed them in mini-muffin papers.
As the French say....delicieux!
{Email me for frosting recipe}

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cupcakes for Taylor

4 dozen cupcakes and toppers!  Yikes I was a little nervous but with an unexpected day off from school I thought I might could do it.  Taylor will be 2 years old and her mom wanted teal, brown and orange for her birthday colors.  Also, Taylor loves her giraffe so that was the theme.  I don't know Taylor and her mom so I wanted her to be sure to know that I'm not a professional at this.  But for a little girl's birthday I'll give anything a try.  I bought the giraffe from CupcakeCuties on Etsy and went to work.  Remember I'm not a pro but this is how they turned out.  Now, I'm getting ready to make the delivery or at least part way.....Taylor lives in Lake Charles.