Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seersucker Tie & Knot Dress

Little sister "knot" dress.  I've never really made clothing but I really want to learn to sew more cute things for babies and children.  My daughter was the inspiration behind this idea.  I made the little sister dress in pink and white seersucker and white seersucker for the bodice.

I learned that I do not need to do the largest monogram on a 0-3 months dress.....smaller might be better. I didn't do top stitching on the bodice because it would overlap the monogram.

I am very happy with my first dress.  I plan to do many more.  Next is red seersucker with maybe a crab on the bodice!

Big brother's matching tie.  I used the same pink seersucker for brother's tie.  What's so great about this pattern is that it has a band with Velcro instead of actually having to tie the tie around a little fellow's neck.

Matching little sis and big brother
I can't believe I made a dress and a tie!

Only 2 more half days of school!
Happy Thursday!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend Projects Finished

Finished Annabelle's gifts today.  Her dad is a coach, her grandfather is a coach and her great-grandfather was a coach so she might be a cheerleader one day :)

Added a triple layer of small ruffles

My step granddaughter is graduating from high school tomorrow.  We are so proud of her.  Just a few little gifts for her as she goes off to college.  I wanted everything to kinda match.

And................ a chocolate salty treat.  If you like brownies and if you like crunchy & salty, too.  You might like this.  A friend brought some to school and I had to make them.  If you want to try them you can find the recipe here.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ever start a project and you knew it was doomed from the start?  This burp cloth started bad and ended bad.  I almost put it in the trash twice.  I think the problem was doing a design with 3 layers of fabric on a thick diaper.  I think I was able to salvage it enough to keep it.

My friend is looking forward to the arrival of her granddaughter and I wanted to start making a few things for her.  Her name will be Annabelle Grace.  Hopefully the next one will go a bit better no alot better! Makes me really appreciate those projects that go smoothly :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Heart VBS & a small announcement

My church is preparing for Vacation Bible School and our theme revolves around New York "The Big Apple".  I got the idea for these tote bags at a VBS Workshop.  I got around to trying them out tonight.

I used the png graphic provided by Lifeway and printed it on iron on printable cotton.  After sending it through the printer I ironed it on the canvas bags. 

This brings me to an announcement.....I'm taking the summer off from sewing.  I need time to spend preparing for VBS, vacationing with my family and trying some new things.  My customers are the best and I Heart all of you but I need to learn some new things and get ready with new ideas for the fall.  If you already asked me about 4th of July shirts.....I want to do those. I have new babies coming in the family and birthday shirts for family I want to do.  I will still blog and share what I make this summer.  Thanks for understanding and send me any ideas of things you would like for football season, back to school & Halloween.
I Heart VBS and I Heart My Customers!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

You've seen this design before but it's a favorite with everyone.  I made it a good bit larger this time.  Lizzie wanted it on a tee shirt other than white and I love it on the green.

Jack is going to be a BigBrother in a few weeks!

New Michael Miller fabric!  Who doesn't love polkadots?

Burp cloth using the new Michael Miller fabric.....Happy Butterfly design.
Gotta have a ruffle....this one is serged and then gathered.

That butterfly makes me smile and the glorious weather we are having makes me smile.
Double smile :)
Thank you God for this weather
Have a wonderful Tuesday

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just Checking In

Remember this fabric?  This is the Autism awareness fabric I bought awhile back and I recently used it to make bookmarks.  I gave a presentation this afternoon to a group of Sunday School teachers.  My part was on Autism and another lady presented on ADD/ADHD.  Since Autism and ADD/ADHD seem to be on the increase the Sunday School director felt it would help her workers if they were given information about these two areas.

I made a ruffle for each front of the bookmarks.  I serged the edges and then gathered the ruffle and attached it to the front of the bookmark and then stitched up the sides.  I have to say these are kind of a "shabby chic" look since I did almost 25 of them.

Just a small thank you to the teachers and to promote awareness for Autism.

And my boys!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend with the beautiful low humidity and the cooler temps!
Please keep the people along the Mississippi River in your prayers.  My heart goes out to them and their families.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Annie!

Annie is turning 5 next week and she loves TinkerBell and the colors lavender & green.
So this is what I decided on for her birthday shirt.  I was able to get purple/lavender and green and Tink in there.  Her mom wanted the phrase "Think Tink".

I love the silhouette of TinkerBell rather than a full applique of her.

I added a ruffle on the bottom and her birthday shirt is ready.
Happy 5th Birthday, Annie!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Love Mom

A Serger
This serger came with my embroidery machine but I had never gotten it out of the box until last week.  I went for a "lesson" last week in Sulphur while on Easter break.  Sergers can be used for finishing seams, doing hems and many other things.  However, they can be hard to thread because most have 4 spools of thread.  It can be a challenge to get the thing threaded and ready to use.

This is my serger from the back.  I am learning.  I have several things I want to learn to do that require serging.  So I started tonight.

This little Mother's Day onesie needed a ruffle on the back.

First I made the ruffle on my machine and then I finished the edges with the serger.

It's not perfect but it's a start.  I like a challenge and I will keep working on threading my serger and finishing edges and seams.  Next a rolled hem :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011