Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I've had these pickles "marinating" for a week and decided I couldn't wait any longer to put them in jars.  A friend made these years ago and shared a jar with me and I have been wanting to try them since then.  Last weekend I did it.  Now I've got the best way figured out so I will be making them again soon and the second batch will be even better.  I want to share the recipe with you and will put it up next week.  I cut 7" squares of fabric to put a finishing touch on the jars, added ribbon and made a label in PSE (very simple label I must say).  I ran the labels on whole sheets of label paper and used a 3" scalloped punch to cut them out.
(I think I misspelled pickles but I'm not doing the labels over...hehe.  Maybe no one will notice)

Last night I finished a couple more shirts for Little Cash Man.  You have seen his surfboard shirt before but the "Wave" and the "Star Patch" are the new shirts.   All of these designs are from Applique Market and she has everything on sale for the holiday weekend.   Cash is having a "water" birthday party so he needed a "wave" shirt to be the Star of his 2nd birthday!
I'm off to spend the day with relatives who are in from Atlanta.  I got to meet my great-niece Ella for the first time.  Oh my, what a doll she is!  We are all hanging out at the pool today.

Have a wonderful, wonderful Saturday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of School!

 Banana Pudding

Tomorrow is the last day of class for students and teachers and then school's out for summer!  I will continue to work off and on during June and July but I will be at home a lot, too which I love.  After our students leave at noon tomorrow we are having a faculty lunch.

Our principals are providing crawfish and burgers (for those non-crawfish eating folks) for the big celebration.  Our job was to provide the desserts.  Remember the Paula Deen magazine from the last post?  This is the cover recipe.  It looked so delicious and sounded easy so I gave it a try.  My "taste-tester (Aka-husband) gave it the "it's really good seal of approval".

I had enough left over that I could make him a mini banana pudding.  It has cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, 4 boxes of pudding, milk, Cool Whip and sour has a few calories in it :)

Remember the plain mugs I showed you a couple of posts back?  This is the finished gift.  I put permanent vinyl stars (cut by my Cricut using the  Plantin SchoolBook cartridge.  Then I made Bunny Bark but I am calling it Red, White & Blue Bark. I used red, white and blue candies and sprinkles.

The only Oreo cookies that I had on hand were Mint so there is a touch of green that really messes up my color scheme :)  Anyway, I put the bark in large treat bags and tied them up with more red ribbon.

These are going to school tomorrow to give to special friends that have helped me through this year.  I'm thankful for those friends at work, for a good year..... no great year (our school district is ranked 6th in the state!), for a safe year and for all that I have learned this year about children.  I hope that I have made a difference in one child's life because that's why every teacher I know teaches, not for the money or the fame or even thank yous but because we love children. 
Hugs and Kisses to all the teachers out there and for the difference you make every day!

Happy Last Day of School & Memorial Day Weekend! 


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Salad

I picked up this magazine while in the grocery store the other day.  It had several recipes that looked interesting.  I got all the ingredients today for the Black-Eyed Pea Greek Salad.

I love to cook with fresh vegetables in the summer.  This salad is very flavorful and quick and easy like the magazine says.  I also fixed a pasta salad, grilled chicken and buttered French bread.

If you want the recipe please let me know and I will share it.



Monday, May 21, 2012

More Bloomers for Sloaney

Did anyone see the cover picture of the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog that came out today?  An adorable little girl wearing monogrammed pink polka dot bloomers.  I must find a pattern without a center seam so I can monogram them.  After my first pair I couldn't stop and so I made a couple more. 
The pattern also includes instruction on making a headband.  I added a shabby flower rosette to this one.
These are my favorite ones.  The pattern called for single fold bias tape to use as a casing for the elastic on the legs.  I didn't have any bias tape.  My friend said that she always uses ribbon.  It works beautifully and is soft to the touch for children.  It worked like a charm!
I need to monogram a few tops to go with these.  I was thinking some type of patch with the name or initials on the patch....maybe an oval or circle patch using the mustard polka dot fabric.
Another headband.  This is the way the pattern showed it... with the little knot bow.

Remember this shirt for Memorial Day?  I made Sloaney a headband t match it.
These are a little time consuming but really fun to make and worth the time.  The headband is made from elastic covered in fabric so it is comfortable for little ones.
And another little project in the works.  A Memorial Day treat. 
I will share the finished design soon.

I hope your week is off to a great start!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bloomers for Sloaney

 A friend at school passed along some of her patterns.  She has 3 girls and sews for them but they are growing up quickly.  She is what I consider an "advanced sewer".  I am a beginner. 
I wanted to use the bloomers from one of her patterns to make an outfit for Sloan.  I called another friend who is also an "advanced sewer" and she answered some questions I had and got me started.  The bloomers went together quickly and easily.  I used my serger to finish all the edges and I'm pretty happy with the end result. 
 This is the top that I made to match the bloomers.  I have been wanted this font for awhile.  It is the interlocking font that is so beautiful for monograms.  I broke down and bought it today
And the finished outfit.  Tomorrow night I want to make a matching headband with flower rosettes.  Will shall see how that turns out.



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little Cash Man

Surf's Up for Cash
This is one of 4 summer shirts for Little Cash
Brand new, fresh designs are fun to stitch. 
His mommy ordered 4 completely new designs.
1 down and 3 to go.
I used to get one of these every I'd only been married 6 years at that time.  It had a recipe for Almond Tea that I made often in the 90's.  I almost threw this recipe book out awhile back thinking I would never make Almond Tea again.  So happy that I didn't do that.

I guess it's a girl-thing but don't we love flavored teas and coffees occasionally?

Almond Tea
4 cups strongly brewed tea
3 1/4 cups water
1 (6-ounce) can frozen lemonade concentrate
1 cup sugar
1/2-1 teaspoon almond extract
Combine tea, water, lemonade concentrate, sugar and almond flavoring in large pitcher.  Stir until sugar dissolves.  Serve over ice. 



Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day Weekend

I have been blessed with 2 healthy children and 4 grandchildren, 2 of which are step grand-children but I consider them my very own.  Mother's Day Weekends are very special to me.  I do not need any beautiful gifts or flowers.  Just to have my family in church with me is the greatest gift I could wish for.  However, my  husband and children think I need more so I did get some beautiful flowers.
Ok I was a little bad. This dispenser is my Mother's Day gift to myself. Last week when I went to get my hair done, my stylist offered me cucumber water served in a dispenser like this. I knew immediately I had to have one and the cucumber water was sooooo good and refreshing. I didn't know how my family would react to cucumber water so I played it safe and made lemon/lime water. Oh my goodness I will be making "spa waters" all summer. I can't wait to try other combinations. I did learn it is best to put the ice in first, arrange your fruit and then add water. It is a great way to encourage your family to drink more water. Grayson loved turning the spigot so we watered plants with lemon/lime water :) If they grow really big and green we have discovered a secret plant weapon.

 I'm all about beverages right now.  The ladies at my church gave me a gift certificate and this is what I got with part of it......a beautiful carafe.  I made Almond Tea and put it in my new carafe....perfect.  One of my girlfriends has a great Mint Tea recipe that tastes yummy, too.  Perhaps she will share her recipe with us. 
Cauliflower Salad
Best salad ever....that's all I'm saying :)
I also prepared Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti ( I forgot to take a picture of it).  I usually use a friend's recipe but I decided to branch out and try a new version.  It is a keeper.

A little chocolate cake never hurt anyone.
So that is the meal I prepared for the weekend.  I will share all the recipes later this week.

Of course I had to monogram a few a headband for my daughter
and running shorts for Sloaney.  Even baby girls like monogrammed sport shorts :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful, wonderful week.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Just About Finished

I took off a half day today because I needed some rest.  A long nap sure does help.  Tonight I wanted to finish my "girly" graduation gifts.  I like bright colors especially for teenage girls.  It is perfect for young college girls.  I monogrammed towels and put vinyl initials on a large pail.  Once again I used Monogram KK for the towels and pail.  The pail can be used for just about anything in a dorm or apartment.  So there it is.......finished!
And I'm off to sleep again.  I haven't caught up yet :)
Good Night!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day & Birthday Gifts

A few more gifts I've been working on.  These are for Mother's Day and one for a friend's birthday.  I used Monogram KK which is a free font from
Using my Sure Cuts A Lot software I cut the initials from vinyl on my Cricut.
It is a favorite font of mine and it actually cuts very well to be so curly. I think these make great gifts for any occasion and especially if a homemade cake is included. 
Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grads and Fruit Kabobs

This week has been one of my busiest ones ever but I've managed to sew in between the busyness.  I'm working on Mother's Day gifts, grad gifts and baby gifts.  My husband and I get a lot of graduation announcements and this year there were only 3 girls and the rest were boys.  Boys are not fun....they like  $$$$
But girls on the other hand are fun to shop for.  This year I wanted to do some different things in addition to the towels I'm stitching for them.  Most young girls like to work out and/or be comfortable while hanging out with BFF's. So for working out or lounging I monogrammed sports bras and sports shorts.
What every young college bound girl needs.....
Monogrammed shorts 
In the midst of a busy week at school we had to celebrate the up coming arrival of new baby boy.  We actually are having a baby boom at our school. 
My assignment was to bring the fruit.  Help! I told my super-creative daughter.  She said, "Mom, make fruit kabobs".  Ok, dear tell me how.  They were so easy and fun to make.  They were a hit!  Next time I think I'll add kiwi for more color. Speaking of my daughter, hop on over to her blog and you can see lots of pictures of my babies
I have lots to share with you but I'm taking life one day at a time.  You teachers know how busy the final weeks of school are.  Hang in there teachers we're almost there!