Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another QR Code

I wanted to share a great looking recipe with you and see if you are able to open my code.  Let me know if you get the recipe.  You need a QR Code Reader App and that is all.  I think I will make this recipe for Easter weekend.  It looks like my family's kind of dessert. 
Have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This past weekend I attended a teacher's state convention. I was able to select two workshops to attend Saturday morning.  I selected one on healthy eating and the other was called App'L.  It was led by a young high school Biology teacher who is very tech savvy.  She shared apps for the classrooms and apps for fun.  The first app we explored was QRReader.  If you have an Apple device you definitely want to download it.  Once you have it on your IPhone, IPad or IPod it allows you to scan qr codes from any source.  It is amazing how teachers can use qr codes for teaching tech savvy students.  Anyway, I love the codes and they are everywhere.  So I made one tonight for my blog.  I hope to generate more that will be interesting to you but tonight I have just this one.  So if you have that app get busy reading qr codes and seeing the latest way to get information.  What are you favorite apps? 

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Mini-Tote

I've been working on a couple of Easter things for my sweet babies.  There is just not enough time in one day to do everything. I ordered Sloan this green and white polka dot mini-market tote for her Easter basket.

It easily slips off the frame for embroidering.  For Grayson, I ordered a purple mini-tote.  I will probably use a lime green thread on the purple.  I have been collecting special books and little gifts to fill their totes.

You've seen this Sweet Chick design but this time I put it on a tee for Sloaney.

She's my Sweet Chick for sure!

Speaking of Sweet she is.
XOXO to Sloaney


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Unexpected Holiday

Yesterday it started raining after noon and it continued to rain through the night.  It was not just a slow rain, it was a torrential rain.  Our parish and neighboring parishes were flooded in many areas.  Schools were closed today.  However, all of that has moved out and at least in our area, the water is no standing in our yards. My son travels about 50 miles to work and another 50 miles home.  I pray every morning for his safety to and from work.  Little did I know that yesterday on his trip home that he would encounter a tornado on the highway.  One of the girls that is in his carpool had the composure to video the whole experience.  It was very scary for them.  They are safe but it sure gives us something to be thankful for and something to talk about :) 
So on my rain day holiday from work this is what I did...

My newest recipe from Pinterest....
Bunny Bark
It is so delicious and fun to make.  It is even more fun to give away.  This is my 3rd time to make it.  The first I made over the weekend.  I didn't have Oreo cookies on hand so I used Do-si-dos (my Girl Scout cookies).  It really has been the best tasting batch that I've made.  But Oreos are yummy, too.
The recipe and source can be found HERE.

I have a state convention to attend this weekend.  My good friend is the state president ( I think I've shared that with you before).  I just had to take her a little something because I'm so proud of her and because it never hurts to be in good graces with a state president :) I figured a pail filled with Bunny Bark and other goodies would work.  

I found this adorable polka dot pail at Target.  Using my Cricut I cut her initials with my software and vinyl.  Then I added lots of treats. 

I also had a couple of burp cloths to stitch for Baby Samuel.  I made them coordinating.

This almost looks like a sunflower to me.

Same fabric and same thread colors

I hope everyone is ok after our rains/flood.
For me it was an unexpected holiday.  I enjoyed it but it's back to work tomorrow.
Have a good Thursday.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Saw this on Pinterest
Had to have one!

Found umbrella at Hobby Lobby
Took it to our "cracker jack" florist who is so talented
This is her version for my door :)

Umbrella Love

Have a wonderful Thursday


Saturday, March 10, 2012

My new abbreviation is STOP {Saw this on Pinterest}.  Instead of telling you every time that I was inspired by something on Pinterest I will just say STOP instead :)
Fell in love with this kitchen towel the minute I saw it and thought I can do that (that is when I find the time).  Tonight I found the time.  It is a simple, natural and somewhat Shabby Chic look or even French Country.  Whatever it is I Iove it!

The ones I saw were made of cream linen and since I didn't have any on hand or anywhere to buy fabric today I used what I had.  I cut 2 pieces of fabric 20 x 30 inches and cut  2-5.5 x 40 inch strips for the ruffles. I hemmed all the sides, made the ruffle and attached ruffle to towel.  Next what to embroider? {the happy couple's initials of course}

I bought a new monogram last weekend.  It is called Victor 28 {go figure why it's called that....I don't have a clue}.  I thought it was perfect for the French country look I wanted.  The thread is a golden sandy color.  I have to attend a Bridal Shower next week.  Guess what I'm taking to the shower?  Now I must finish the 2nd one.  What about Bienvenue on a set?  Yes!

I'm all about semi-homemade.  I think this is something new....saw it for the 1st time in WalMart today.  Figured I'd try something new.

Bake a Bundt cake......add this and this is what you get................

{also love the Pink for Spring and Easter}
Ok going to set my clocks forward but not without kicking and screaming.  I do not like losing an hour.  I need all the hours in one day I can get :)
Have a wonderful Sunday


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hello everyone.  It's been a week and I'm very happy tomorrow is Friday.  Love Fridays! I put the finishing touches on a few things tonight so I could deliver them tomorrow. 

This is a very old-fashioned type of monogram.  I put it on a mini cloth diaper.  Just the right size burp cloth now that Sloan is 1 year old.

This tutu is for a Big Sis.  I made her a shirt to match her baby sister's onesie.  The tutu is to wear with her shirt.  The pinks do not photograph well because they are light pink. 

I'm heading south after work tomorrow to see my "precious ones" that I love so much.  I hope you have a wonderful Friday even if it rains most of the day.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sweet Chick & Lilly Collections

{The Sweet Chick}

It is almost Spring and Easter is not far behind that.  I am starting to stitch some sweet bunnies and chicks.  A friend of my son sent me a picture from Pinterest and asked if I could make her bloomers and leg warmers just like the ones on Pinterest so this is my version.  The Sweet Chick is from Applique Market.  I ordered new fabric from my favorite Etsy fabric shop.  The fabric is called "Sunny Ta Dot" by Michael Miller.  Ohhh I just love his Ta Dots collection.  I want everyone of them.

I ordered these yellow polka dot leg warmers and added a chiffon ruffle. 

Now Miss Harper is ready for Spring and Easter! 
I have to stitch some other things using the Sweet Chick. May add a little bow to Sweet Chick.

{The Lilly Collection}

This is another new Michael Miller Ta Dot fabric.  It is called "Sea Ta Dot".  I use Ocean Ta Dot all the time but the polka dots are them both.  I wanted an eclectic look for these gifts so I combined different patterns and colors.

Using the same 60's inspired fabric I placed it in the soles of the Mary Jane shoes.  Then I used it for the ruffle.

I used a rainbow of colors for Lilly's name.  This is a new font that is part of the Embird Font Collection.  I think it is #48 which is their latest font to introduce.  It's different and fun.

But every mother wants a traditional old-fashioned script for sweet baby bloomers

I have a new recipe from Pinterest I want to try this afternoon.  If it turns out yummy I will post that later.  Enjoy your Saturday.  It has turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.