Sunday, August 5, 2012


Dear Friends,
Today when I tried to blog I was told that I had exceded my limit of free space on blogger and that I would have to pay a fee to continue to upload pictures.  This is the 2nd time this has happened to me and I do believe that I have used a lot of free cyber space.  I have been blogging for over 3 years and it has always been fun for me to share and perhaps encourage others to be "creative" and share what they love to do.  However, I do not want to pay a monthly fee and so I will not be blogging {what fun is blogging if you can't share pictures} until this is resolved or Blogger decides to increase our free allotment of cyber space.  I have set up a FaceBook page in the name of Bella & Bambino.  I hope to continue to share what I love to do and encourage others to do the same.  I do not want to increase my business at this time as I have a full time job, husband, family and GRANDKIDS but this was the only way I know to stay in touch with you.  So please follow me on FaceBook.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wrapping Up Some Things

I finished my House Warming gifts which included these Wampus CAT throws for 2 little guys.

And these throws come wrapped in a great piece of ribbon with Velcro to hold them closed.  I have always thought how I should monogram a name on the ribbons but have never taken the time to do it.  Well....

this time I did it.  I monogrammed both names on one piece of stabilizer.  It was so quick and easy.  Then I slipped them back on the throws.  I think it makes them really special.

Last night I started this shirt.  In case you can not tell the design called for two shades of purple thread.  {Who is in a darker purple}.  I knew it would be close on the medium purple thread but I was hoping I would have enough and not run out.  Well I did run out on "about".  I got as far as ab.....

Luckily I was going out of town today where I could purchase thread.  It is Sulky #1032 and Hancocks Fabric had 2 in stock!  and 30% off.  I was able to come home and finish my little shirt. Moral of this story...don't even try to stitch something if you think you may not have enough thread!

I'm also working on LSU cups...just a nice change of pace.

I want to find a better Fleur de Lis.

Fun, no pressure project :)

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wonderfully Made

This sums it up for me tonight.

Have a wonderfully fun Wednesday!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Random Projects

We celebrated a very special birthday this mom's.  She is too special to even try to tell you about her so I won't try. This is just part of her family.  This represents two of her children and our families and her other son and grandchildren and great grand children live in Atlanta and Ohio.
We grilled, played a ball game {part of one}, visited and opened presents :)

I saw a beautiful ombre ruffle cake on Pinterest and asked our local "cake wizard" to try to recreate one like it.  I think she got pretty close.  The best part was the taste of this cake....out of this world.  She called it White Velvet.  It was delicious.
{excuse all background stuff we weren't thinking about taking perfect pictures}

A young mom that my son works with asked for a birthday shirt for her little guy.  She gave me an idea of what she wanted and this is what I did for her. 
 1st birthdays are so special it always makes me kind of nervous to do birthday shirts but I do a lot of praying when I stitch these shirts.
Happy Birthday Cael!

Another teacher apples?
Who says an apple has to be red? :)

A teacher that I worked with at my previous school has a new home.  While I plan to monogram she and her husband white towels I just had to stitch a little something for her boys.

A few years ago I stitched them Christmas throws so I thought they probably needed some new ones for their new house.  These are the mascot where their mom teaches.  I wanted something fun and age appropriate for them.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.
Ours has been busy but fun!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Halloween Pillows

I would call this "subtle" Halloween decor not outright spooky stuff.  My idea is to make 3 coordinating pillows that are fun but not ghoulish :)

My 2nd pillow has ruffles and the 3rd one I haven't decided.

You may wonder why I'm sewing Halloween pillows in July.  The deal is once school starts and fall kicks in gear .....there won't be time to make Halloween pillows or Halloween anything.
I also hope to make a black burlap table runner to match these fun items.
So pillow #1 is finished and 2 to go.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hodge Podge Wednesday

My daughter placed her "order" for this pillow.  Of course I couldn't wait to make it.  It is the coordinating pillow to her anniversary pillow. They will be in matching chairs in her living room.

 I took pictures along the way in case anyone wants to see the process step by step.  Please let me know and I will post all of them.  The first step was to cut a piece of burlap for the front of the pillow.  Step 2 was to make my stencil.  I used my Cricut and card stock.  These letters were 5" each.  I taped them together and taped them to front of pillow.  Then painted them with craft paint.

Removed the stencil and let it dry.  Ready to make into an envelope pillow.

LSU shorts

I ordered my pattern from
Viola Lee Patterns
on Etsy
This pattern was made for a beginner.  I love them!

Whipped up a matching shirt and this little girl is ready for some football.
LSU Tiger Football!
My Tiger friends are counting down the days for me.
38 Days until Kickoff!

Are your little Tiger fans ready?

Sneak preview of 9 Frocket tees.  Yes 9!
More about that later.

Working on more burlap things, Halloween pillows and of course more LSU and Wampus CAT spirit shirts for my little friends.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back To School

I'm sewing a few things for fall and Halloween for Sloan.  I used an applique font called Mandingo and stitched it in a variety of fabrics.  Then I added a spider from a few years back (so far back I can't remember where I purchased it.  I think it was Nobbie Neez Kids). 

The spider is a doosey even when it is only a 4x4 size and I didn't applique fabric on the end of the legs.It is one of those designs that you only want to do once.  However, it always turns out so fun.  Maybe a purple tutu to match this shirt?

I found this cute but inexpensive dress that needed something added to it.  It's kind of busy but for play wear it is fine.  I used an oval patch, Fancy Font and added a bow. 

I want to make a matching pair of bloomers using the patch and font.

Back to school shirts for teachers at my school.  I enlarged this design a bit.  I thought it could be larger.  I used my favorite Fleur de Lis and Kwekel font.

Same design on an orange shirt

I changed it up a bit and added the teacher's name
{I notice I have not clipped connecting threads yet}

I also stitched a whimsical apple with her name.
Another old design that I'm not sure where it was purchased....maybe Embroider-Boutique.

  My husband and I took our last "little trip" before school starts :(
I have to keep telling myself my life does not end when school starts....lots of fun times ahead even when it does get back in full swing. 

I hope everyone has a great week! 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big Sister

Another Big Sister shirt 
  I've got to stitch her Little Brother a shirt.  He is the Future QB from the last post.  I'm still working on my Baby Shower gift.

I tried my hand again at bow-making.  I am please with how this one turned out.  Sometimes they get tossed in the trash can never to be seen again.
This one survived.  Have you noticed on Pinterest that all the bow pictures are just that pictures with no directions.  The bows are so pretty and I think ok this one is going to have great instructions...but they never do.  I guess no one wants to share their bow-making secrets :)

And I had a pair of yellow polka dot leg warmers to complete Big Sister's gift. I did add bows to them, too.
It has been so nice having rain in the afternoon.  My grass and plants like it, too.

Happy Wednesday!
I get to have lunch with my son tomorrow so it will be a Happy Wednesday for me.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Monday

Last week when I was stitching LSU things I tried my hand at some Oreo Truffles.  I think I either forgot my "technique" or maybe I never had it :)  I've got to work on my icing and criss-crosses on top.  This icing is too thick for that.  I need to find purple and gold gel or find a recipe to make it. But, they actually tasted really good despite the way they look.

I have 3 great customers in California.  My newest one wanted a birthday shirt for her nephew.  His birthday party colors are navy and orange with a monkey theme.  Sooooo.... this is what we did for sweet little Carson.

Navy blue and white polka dot fabric with his name in orange.

 I'm working on a baby shower gift for parents who LOVE LSU like the rest of us.
I used an old football design that is a favorite (perfect shape) and used Whoa Nelly font (my all-time fav font).

This is a burp cloth by the way.

And a little something for Sloan.
I bought this design late last fall and never used it.  Oh so I remembered it and changed it up a bit with a variety of colors.  I also added some glitz with 12 little rhinestones.

{Design from Embroitique}

Hello Monday and it's almost over (at least for me).
I hope yours has been a wonderful one.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Feeling Sporty

Every year when I get home from summer vacation I am ready to sew LSU, Saints and every other sports team designs.  I get inspired while I'm on vacation.  We still have a few weeks before football will kick off {no pun intended there} but I always like to be prepared.

 Subway Tigers art design
I made a small pillow case and put this design on the front.  I love this design.  It would look great on a shirt, too.  Now I'm looking for purple or gold fleece throws to go with them.  A grandmother can never have too many blankets and pillows at her house.

Bloomers for a little Tiger Cub that need bows attached to them

This is a new design that I bought.  I just liked it and it is different for me.  I did it in school colors but think it would be nice in LSU fabric or Saints colors.  It is a triple cross with fleur de lis.

More school spirit for PES

I can't say that I'm ready for fall, school and football to begin but it's just around the corner so we might as well get prepared.

Have a wonderful Thursday!