Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tutu for Megan

Big Sister Megan needed a tutu for her Big Sister shirt.  I used a medium turquoise tulle.  I usually use 3 different colors but I really like using one color.  The color pops and is very vivid.  I cut my tulle twice the length I want the tutu to be plus 1 inch. A 2T sized tutu should be 8-9 inches long or 10" if you want a longer look.  So I cut my tulle which is on 6" wide rolls...19" long. For this tutu I used 2.5 rolls of tulle.  I cut all my lengths of tulle first (lots of cutting).  Then I hold 3 cut lengths together and knot them on my elastic waist. I use an 18" piece of 3/4" elastic for a 2T size.  I double stitch my elastic together and then add my tulle.  It's really quite simple just time consuming.  Then embellish as you like.

So again:

1. Determine the color tulle you want to use
2. Determine the size waist you need and length (I usually google this info)
3. Double stitch elastic together (on sewing machine)
4. Cut tulle twice the length plus 1" that you want the tutu to be
(9" length tutu-cut tulle 19" long)
5. Holding 3 pieces of cut tulle together, knot it onto waist band.  I use a single knot.
6. The more tulle you use the prettier the tutu.
7. Embellish as you like
8.  Put on a precious little girl....take a picture!

So make some tutus and have fun!

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