Thursday, July 26, 2012

Halloween Pillows

I would call this "subtle" Halloween decor not outright spooky stuff.  My idea is to make 3 coordinating pillows that are fun but not ghoulish :)

My 2nd pillow has ruffles and the 3rd one I haven't decided.

You may wonder why I'm sewing Halloween pillows in July.  The deal is once school starts and fall kicks in gear .....there won't be time to make Halloween pillows or Halloween anything.
I also hope to make a black burlap table runner to match these fun items.
So pillow #1 is finished and 2 to go.



  1. That is such a cute and festive idea! I am thinking I May need some Halloween pillows, too :)

  2. These are just adorable! LOVE your color choices. You really have a great eye for color. :0) Happy weekend!

  3. Thanks Ashley. Colleen has cute ideas for burlap Halloween pillows. Y'all design them and I'll try to make them. Thanks Carolyn. I love fabric and I know you do, too. If I only had more room to store it :) happy weekend to you!