Sunday, July 29, 2012

Random Projects

We celebrated a very special birthday this mom's.  She is too special to even try to tell you about her so I won't try. This is just part of her family.  This represents two of her children and our families and her other son and grandchildren and great grand children live in Atlanta and Ohio.
We grilled, played a ball game {part of one}, visited and opened presents :)

I saw a beautiful ombre ruffle cake on Pinterest and asked our local "cake wizard" to try to recreate one like it.  I think she got pretty close.  The best part was the taste of this cake....out of this world.  She called it White Velvet.  It was delicious.
{excuse all background stuff we weren't thinking about taking perfect pictures}

A young mom that my son works with asked for a birthday shirt for her little guy.  She gave me an idea of what she wanted and this is what I did for her. 
 1st birthdays are so special it always makes me kind of nervous to do birthday shirts but I do a lot of praying when I stitch these shirts.
Happy Birthday Cael!

Another teacher apples?
Who says an apple has to be red? :)

A teacher that I worked with at my previous school has a new home.  While I plan to monogram she and her husband white towels I just had to stitch a little something for her boys.

A few years ago I stitched them Christmas throws so I thought they probably needed some new ones for their new house.  These are the mascot where their mom teaches.  I wanted something fun and age appropriate for them.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.
Ours has been busy but fun!



  1. LOVE the family picture and Happy Birthday to your Mom! I just love all your pretties. You do the most awesome applique! I still say you have an awesome eye for putting fabrics together. When do you start back to school?

  2. Thanks Carolyn! Monday it's back to full time. What pretty projects are you working on? Your grand babies are beautiful! I would love to see your ruffle shorts that you make with the Viola Lee Pattern.

  3. Awww thanks for the compliments on my little buglets. I do love them so! I just got an order in from B&B, so I'm working on some shirts for them. I can't wait to try the ruffle shorts for Kayla, and need to make some shorts for Carter. There are so many things going on in my mind! LOL