Monday, July 9, 2012

Back From the Beach

Well I'm home after a wonderful trip to Florida.  My family loves the beach (at least the younger ones do) eating out, golfing, shopping and just being together.  I have a few pictures to share later but for now I will send you to my daughter's blog HERE to hear about our trip.  She writes much better than I and so I'll let her share the highlights for me. 
A friend asked for baby gifts before I left to go to Florida so on my way home I texted her to get the particulars.  I couldn't wait to get home and start sewing for Baby Joshua thinking that I had until the end of July to finish his new things.  Well, my friend texted me right back before I even got home telling me her sister had gone into labor (three weeks early).  I had to get in gear and sew, sew, sew (throw me in the Briar Patch :)
So this is what I came up with for Baby Joshua:

Onesie with his intials
(New font I bought from 8 Claws and a Paw)
Love this font

Little Man's tie
His mommy requested this design

Coordinating Burp Cloth

I'm loving bright, happy, vivid colors right now maybe it's Florida rubbing off on me.

Matching Burp Cloth

And a shirt for Big Sister Megan
Another new font from 8 Claws
One is called Golden and the other Kwekel in case you like them, too.
They are my new favorites and 8 Claws has a "buy 2 get 3rd free" sale right now so hop over and shop a little.

Won't they look adorable together?
(Kwekel font)

What every little boy needs......Baby Boxers

I went back to work today.  Do you know how hard that was to do on a rainy Monday after being off a month?  But the first day is the they say.
I hope your summer is going great and that you don't have to go back to work just yet.


  1. Cute stuff! Especially love the boxers:)

  2. As always, you do the neatest and cutest stuff! I ♥ visiting your blog Ü

  3. Thanks girls! I appreciate your comments!

  4. Hello from your newest fan! I found your blog last night (thank you, Pinterest) and have been drooling all over my laptop ever since. LOL You are THE most creative, talented person I have ever seen! I love everything you do. I have two little buglets (my sweet grandbabies) that I'm having fun making things for, and seeing all the precious things you make for YOUR grandbabies is so inspiring.

    Thank you for sharing your talents. I will be stalking your blog for new ideas! (in a good way, dontchaknow!)