Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big Sister

Another Big Sister shirt 
  I've got to stitch her Little Brother a shirt.  He is the Future QB from the last post.  I'm still working on my Baby Shower gift.

I tried my hand again at bow-making.  I am please with how this one turned out.  Sometimes they get tossed in the trash can never to be seen again.
This one survived.  Have you noticed on Pinterest that all the bow pictures are just that pictures with no directions.  The bows are so pretty and I think ok this one is going to have great instructions...but they never do.  I guess no one wants to share their bow-making secrets :)

And I had a pair of yellow polka dot leg warmers to complete Big Sister's gift. I did add bows to them, too.
It has been so nice having rain in the afternoon.  My grass and plants like it, too.

Happy Wednesday!
I get to have lunch with my son tomorrow so it will be a Happy Wednesday for me.


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