Monday, February 7, 2011

 Tonight I went to a cookie exchange.....yes in February.  Actually it was my teacher's organization meeting and it is an annual event in February.  It's really nice to have a cookie exchange around Valentines Day because you can share your cookies with family and friends at a special time and not be quite as busy as we all are in December.
 I cheated and made Brownie Bites instead of cookies.  It is much easier and that's what I'm all about.  If you need a quick Valentine treat for work or for you loved ones this is a good one.  Who doesn't love a brownie?  I used a boxed brownie mix and baked them in mini-muffin pans.  If you don't let them sit too long they will come out easily with a knife inserted on one side.  They just kinda pop out.  Of course be sure to lightly coat pans with Pam before baking.

 Then I made my homemade cream cheese icing and tinted it with a tiny bit of Wilton red icing color.  Using a Wilton tip I piped on the pink frosting and voila a beautiful little bite of "heaven" by way of chocolate brownies and cream cheese frosting.
I then placed them in mini-muffin papers.
As the French say....delicieux!
{Email me for frosting recipe}

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  1. I just ate one...yummy and sooo pretty. Going to bake them for my students on Monday. I need your icing recipe...and yes, I'm trying the caramel this weekend too. Going to give that to my friends with apples. Too cute!