Monday, February 21, 2011

Hooded Towels for Sloan

I made Sloan several hooded towels.  They take a little more time to complete but they are worth the extra effort.  I have found the best towels to use are Mainstays True Colors from WalMart.  They are nice & thick and the price is good.  To make one hooded towel you need 1 towel & 1 hand towel (or actually half of it).  I usually buy 2 towels and 1 hand towel so that will make 2 complete hooded towels.  The hoods can be made small for babies or larger for toddlers.  They are really useful at bath time as I found out this week as I bathed Grayson.  It was nice to cover his little head, too when drying him.  Anyway I'm sure you know all that. 

This is the kind of hand towel that is best for making the hood for the towels.  Notice there is no extra ribbing on the towel.  That way you can do a nice monogram or design at the edge and the ribbing is not in the way.  Just a nicer look.  This is the Mainstays True Colors towel.  The only problem is that they don't make a soft pink or soft blue so I mainly use white.

This is a baby pink hand towel from Target which is pretty but the ribbing gets in the way when you embroidered design.  However, the opposite end is plain and you can get 1 good hood from these towels.
Completed towel with a smooth hood and there is not any ribbing in the way.

After I embroider my design close to the bottom of the hand towel and sew on ribbon,  I put right sides together and stitch on the wrong side curving toward the end so that I have a rounded hood.  Then I put a zigzag stitch on the seam so that it doesn't ravel. 

Then at the center of the right side of the towel I put the center right side of my hood.  Then I stitch the hood and towel together.  I wouldn't dare use my new sewing machine.  I use my almost 30 year old Singer.  It is sturdy and will sew anything.  Since you are sewing through double thicknesses of terry and over even thicker ribbing it's pretty rough on the machine. 

But that's all there is to it!  I will gladly share pictures if you need more help.

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