Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gingham Bunny

 I love bunny rabbits and this one is an old design but it's hard to find one any sweeter than this.  If I remember correctly it is from Embroidery-Boutique.  I'm looking for a new Bunny design for this spring.  I have it narrowed down to two that I like.  One is just a simple outline of a standing bunny.  The sample is shown with a three initial monogram on the body of the rabbit. The other is a bunny face with big floppy ears and a bow on the bunny's head.  I can't decide.
I did this little fellow in pink gingham and added Sloan in matching pink thread.  It is a newborn size so it's not really for Easter but I think babies can wear bunnies at anytime.  Don't you?

Those of you that sew are familiar with cute trims but I depend mainly on ribbon for my trim.  However, as I was perusing the sparse ribbon isle at WalMart these gingham rosettes caught my attention.  I knew I'd find a use for them not thinking about "sweet bunny".  A perfect match!  I debated how to attach them.....glue, safety pins or a little thread.  I went for the thread.  You seamstresses out there did I pick the best one?  Will these little rosettes stand up in the wash?  Anyway they are sooooo sweet and even if they only last for one or two wearings I like them.  My goal for this summer is to learn how to use bias tape.  I think that is what it's called......ones in gingham, plaids and beautiful colors.  I know it's probably an easy thing to learn just gotta tackle it and do it. 
The weather is beautiful!  Hope you enjoy a glorious week!

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  1. This is so sweet! And I love the boys big brother shirts! The brownie bites look yummy too...sorry, I've been catching up on blogs today! :) Thank you for all you did to make the boys' parties so special! Everything was wonderful!