Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wrapping Up Some Things

I finished my House Warming gifts which included these Wampus CAT throws for 2 little guys.

And these throws come wrapped in a great piece of ribbon with Velcro to hold them closed.  I have always thought how I should monogram a name on the ribbons but have never taken the time to do it.  Well....

this time I did it.  I monogrammed both names on one piece of stabilizer.  It was so quick and easy.  Then I slipped them back on the throws.  I think it makes them really special.

Last night I started this shirt.  In case you can not tell the design called for two shades of purple thread.  {Who is in a darker purple}.  I knew it would be close on the medium purple thread but I was hoping I would have enough and not run out.  Well I did run out on "about".  I got as far as ab.....

Luckily I was going out of town today where I could purchase thread.  It is Sulky #1032 and Hancocks Fabric had 2 in stock!  and 30% off.  I was able to come home and finish my little shirt. Moral of this story...don't even try to stitch something if you think you may not have enough thread!

I'm also working on LSU cups...just a nice change of pace.

I want to find a better Fleur de Lis.

Fun, no pressure project :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Ladybug, you are just amazing! Is there nothing that you can't do? Everything that you touch turns into pure cuteness! I love your blog so much. :0)

    Enjoy the last few days before school starts. I know it must seem like the summer flew by. It sure feels that way to me.

    Happy Weekend!
    Carolyn :0)

  2. Thanks Carolyn! Happy weekend, too.

  3. Where did you find the initial monogram design like you used on blankets? I love it!

  4. Where did you find the initial monogram design like you used on blankets? I love it!

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  6. what cartridge is that fleur de lis from? I am having a hard time finding any!


  7. What type of vinyl do you use on your cups?