Sunday, August 1, 2010


Halloween 2010

I have been searching for the right designs I wanted for this Halloween. Last year I used an appliqued spider from NobbieNeezKids. It was a great design but it literally took me one hour for every design which didn't include "cleaning up" the design. This year I wanted something cute but not quite so time consuming. This is what I want to do for the girly girls....a simple witch hat. I plan to use other colors and words but this is the general idea. Now I need to find something for the little men. Got any ideas? The hat is from an Etsy store and the font is Sherry from 8ClawsAndAPaw. The onesie is a 0-3 months so I used the 4x4 size design but for larger sizes I will use the 5x7. I love all holidays but Halloween is always so fun. The only person I know who loves it more than me is my daughter....maybe because I was in the hospital on Halloween getting ready to deliver her about 25 years ago.


  1. I saw a little onsie last year (well, actually it must have been 2 years ago, when we were home) that just had great big eyes and a mouth monogrammed in black. It was a ghost, and the cutest thing!!

    I love this design, btw. So cute, and out of the box to do pink and black, instead of orange! Love it! You're a creative genius! :)