Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Home!

After almost a week in Atlanta I'm home. I went to visit my brother, sister-in-law and their children and grandchildren. I had a wonderful time being with all of my family. My brother and his wife have lived in Winston-Salem for 25 years but just recently moved to Atlanta to be close to their grandchildren. I was able to see everyone and spend a lot of time just visiting. Their new home is big and beautiful yet "homey". We did shop a bit but since I had to worry about not going over the baggage weight for the airplane.....I was afraid to buy very much. I stitched a couple of gifts today and hope to have some Halloween things ready to show in a few days. Happy to be back home again with my hubby and sewing and .....getting ready to go back to work on Monday. Have a great weekend!

These towels are a "Thank You" gift for my sister-in-law and brother. Their new kitchen has green walls and she is using gold as an accent color. The font I used is Fancy Font from Embroitique. I love that font but it stitches best on fabric rather than towels.

One more gift for Baby Slade. I found this towel in Atlanta with the sweet ducks on it so I just added his name. The font is Dancer from 8ClawsandaPaw. It is bold and thick and perfect for a baby boy.


  1. Oh, my goodness...that little ducky towel is just too precious! I can't wait to see your halloween stuff. I'll have to place an order for the boys...and I'm sure I'll be needing some monogrammed goodies for the new house! ;)

  2. Karen, Charlotte is going to LOVE those towels and they will go perfectly in her kitchen!!! LOVE YOU!!!!