Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Saints and Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

A friend asked me to make an LSU or a SAINTS burp for a father who loves sports. I went with the Saints. I used Embird font #38, Kool Kurls and a fleur de lis from Embroidery-Boutique. My Kurls font did not come with a question mark but I would like to have used one.

This weekend I needed a dessert to take to church. Bakerella had posted a recipe for Cheesecake Bars earlier in the week so I thought that sounded like a good one to try. Her recipe called for "Biscoff" cookies. If you've ever flown on Delta then you've probably had Biscoff. Having just taken a trip to Atlanta I knew exactly what she was talking about. But wher does one buy Biscoff? I'm not Bakerella and people don't shower me with baking ingredients and neat baking supplies to try. I decided I would just use regular graham cracker crumbs. I think this is the best recipe Bakerella has ever shared with her readers....Biscoff or not. There was not a crumb left from dinner at church Sunday. My hubby insisted I make it again for him. It is sooooo delicious. It's not difficult if you like making cheesecakes. Check out the pics on I have the recipe on my computer and will gladly share it with you. Happy Friday!!!!

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  1. I come by to see what cute things you've stitched, and I leave hungry... :)
    That dessert looks amazing!