Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby P

I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow and the baby has not been named yet so I used the baby's last name....not quite as fun as knowing the first name. The theme is Western so I picked up some horseshoe fabric in anticipation of sewing for this little boy. The pattern was busy so I needed a good strong thread color and I chose black. I think navy would have worked, too but I don't any ribbons or accents in navy that's why I went with black. I was inspired by a favorite blogger of mine to personalize Christmas ornaments. For Baby P I chose a large iridescent white ball and cut red and black vinyl to match my color theme. You can't see but I put 2010 on the back as reminder of his birth year. I also bought purple, black and hot pink ornaments. I plan to do Saints, LSU and Pink Flamingo ornaments for Christmas.

I found this matching horseshoe from LynniePinnie. I used the 5x7 on the large burpcloth and the font is Embird 38 (the only Embird font I own).

I made Baby P another burpcloth with a different shape and used the horseshoe fabric. It is lined in white waffle pique.

And a hooded towel. I used the smaller 4x4 design on the hood. Love Jumbo rickrack!

Voila! Baby Pollard's gifts. It's late and I'm tired and I'm sure I bored you with too many pictures! Good night!

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