Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thank You Gifts

I needed to thank several people for their help throughout the year and what better way than with homemade goodies. For me the packaging is as much fun as preparing whats inside. That's when I pull out the ribbons. I try to keep lots of ribbons, cellophane and tags on hand so it makes it easy to be creative with packaging. I used my friends Chocolate Chip Cake recipe....oh it's so yummy. I've shared it before. It's not too late to make it if someone needs a delicious dessert.

I baked the cakes in small disposable pans and then wrapped them in cellophane. Added some ribbon and a candy cane. My mail-lady, housekeepers, newpaper delivery people and neighbors will receive a little cake.

This peppermint bark went into plastic canisters with vinyl initials and ribbon.

Merry, Merry Wednesday!

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