Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Hats

I found these Santa Hat chair covers and couldn't resist them! I love Santa and Santa hats so all my special little people are getting one this year. The hats came from "All About Blanks". They have the prettiest blanks to embroider.....I can't resist their things.

I used "Sherry" font from 8Claws on most of them.

I did Grayson's hat first and wanted a pretty script font. I still have one to do for Alex.
I used "Fudge" font for Cole. His name is short and I had room for a nice and thick font. I will have to do a matching one next Christmas for his baby sister who is coming any day. I will also have to one for Grayson's little sister who is coming in February.
I wanted their bags to be very fun and cute! I did their names on the Cricut and added red ribbons and bells.
I was awake until 1:00 this morning getting everything finished and just perfect for these little folks. I love Christmas and making special gifts for children. Gotta go finish a few ornaments and a yummy sweet......Oreo Truffles. Will share those tomorrow! I may be up until 1:00 this moring :))

Have a Merry Merry Friday December 17


  1. I made Nutter Butter Balls, dipped Oreos, and 12 mini loaves of Pumpkin Bread for school yesterday...I was up late too. Tonight I made a wreath for my secret pal and 6 more loaves of pumpkin bread. I need to chat with you about machines...made a visit to BR last week. Have some questions. I'll call you this weekend. These hats are adorable...can't wait to make stuff for my granddaughter and her friends one day!

  2. I just heard today Rachel is having a girl! Better get that machine quick you've got lots to do before May! Call me this weekend I'll be here. Gotta have your recipe for Nutter Butter Balls :)) Sounds like my kind of treat. You're having fun being an elf, too.

  3. Cole loves his Santa Hat! He puts it on his head and walks around saying "Ho, Ho, Ho!"