Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peace, Love......

A friend asked me to make two shirts at the last minute for her granddaughters. When she asked them what they wanted her to get them for Christmas .....all they wanted was a shirt that says, "I love Gran Gran". Ok so I said I would stitch them but how do you just put that on a shirt? That's when I started looking for some inspiration :)) You all know how popular the Peace, Love, Cheering or Peace, Love, Soccer etc. is right now. So I thought I could make that fit...I love GranGran.

I went to PlanetApplique and bought the design that says Peace, Love, Presents. I removed the presents and added GranGran. I think they are the right ages to like the Peace sign and heart and of course GranGran.

I was able to use the 6x10 size design on each one. It is nice and large. GranGran likes it so I'm hoping the girls are happy, too!
Tomorrow Christmas Fun...stay tuned :))

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  1. Love the shirts! Mrs. Ruthie did one for Chloe that said peace, love, presents! Addie may need a peace, love, mommy ;)