Monday, December 20, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Decorations

My Christmas decorations will never be featured in Southern Living or Martha Stewart but I really don't care because they represent me and my family. As I was putting the final decorations out today I realized most of the ones that I really love are vintage ( sounds better than old). I wanted to share some of them with you.

Speaking of Southern Living, this happens to be my Nativity that I got from Southern Living. I have it in my kitchen and it reminds me of the real meaning of Christmas.

I have this thing for Gingerbread people and red wagons. Just happen to have the two together in this picture.

This little dress gets hung up every year because it was my baby girl's first real Christmas dress. I went looking for the perfect dress that year and when I saw this in a sewing shop I knew it was the one. It still is perfect and just the cutest dress ever.

My vintage stockings. I did not monogram them. They are a bit yellowed from the years of being hung on our fireplace but they still hold a special place in my heart. There is a story why Dad's is different from everyone else but I'll save that for later.

My Willow Tree nativity set my husband added to every year until it was complete. I love my nativities. I read a devotion this morning about a little girl who kept rearranging her family nativity set. I think I'll change mine around a couple of times.

My family tree where we all gather on Christmas Eve. We sit on the carpet in from of the tree and spend Christmas together. Someone plays Santa and we laugh, have fun and open our presents.

Not only do I have a thing for Gingerbread people but for Raggedy Ann and Andy, too. How could anyone not love these dolls? And a couple of Snowden Snowmen. There's a story about them, too.

This wooden bear is probably 27 years old. The pattern was in the Southern Living Christmas Book that year and I had a good friend to make us one. He's brings back lots of good memories.

My kitchen tree for Grayson (and me). Since I spend so much time in the kitchen I enjoy having it there.

A few of the cups and mugs I've been given over the years. I love to bring them out and try to remember who gave them to me :) and actually use them for coffee and hot chocolate.

Vintage Santa pictures...remember that special dress. That's it in the picture. And new picture of Grayson peaking from behind mixed with old. Santa lost one of his eyes but he's still cute.

More Santa pictures. My kids are going to be upset with me for sharing these :) Santa liked silver eye shadow for some reason.

And last but not least....some of the Santa's given to me by my wonderful students throughout the years. Some of them probably came from the Dollar Store but they are priceless to me. I write their names on the bottom and remember them each year when I put the Santas out.

Thanks for letting me share some of my home with you. My favorite decorations are the things that make me smile and bring me lots of good memories.

5 Days til Christmas!


  1. Love Christmas decorations that have meaning! I remember all those well! Hope they are passed down to me!;)

  2. These are all so sweet! I especially love the "vintage" photos of Colleen and Clint! =)

  3. Love all the special Christmas decorations. I love the Willow Tree nativity. I am hoping to have one for next Christmas :)