Sunday, December 19, 2010

Market Basket

I have been wanting to try a Market Basket for awhile. They are such a hot item right now but I didn't know how they would monogram. Well they are very easy to monogram. They slide off the frame and are easy peasy to stitch. I can share what size needle I used and stabilizer. I can also give a couple of hints to make it easier.Market Baskets can be find in many online stores. I ordered these from All About Blanks. These are a very good quality. They also carry the mini Market Baskets which would be a great size, too. The color is a vivid lime just doesn't show up that well in the picture. Merry Christmas to my sister-in-law! She rarely looks here so her gift should be safe with us. I'm wrapping up my family gifts that I am sewing. I really could use more time to sew everything I would like but I can still get a lot finished this week.

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