Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Facebook Fun, Fall & Something For Me

I have been at work some this week but I have managed to sew some in between work and family activities.  I have found some fun designs that I am excited about stitching.  This is one for Sloan that my daughter liked.  I went to WalMart to find just a small amount of royal blue fabric since all of my royal blue fabric has stripes or polka dots.  There was not any royal blue fabric :(  So I decided to use a tee shirt I had on hand.  It worked and the blue thread I had was a perfect match.

I added a few small blue stones to give it a little pizazz.

I'm starting to sew pumpkins,ghosts & cats

Simple pumpkin patch (no pun intended)

And finally something for me.  I've never made myself anything to wear but this is a black tee.  I've been trying to learn to put text in a circle and I finally figured it out.  Of course once you figure it out it seems simple.  I will use the text circle for lots of name in a circle with an apple in the center.....all kinds of things.  These are my grand babies names and what they call me in the middle.
Just something fun!


  1. They are all so cute! Love your new Bella shirt! It's perfect for grandparents with lots of grandkids. MIGHT work for my parents since my two kids have such long names. :)

  2. Thanks Janay! The circle of text is so fun with lots of possibilities. Let us see yours if you do one.