Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 Days at the Beach

My family has been going to San Destin, Florida for close to 30 years now.  It is a place we love.  Every year we stay in a different area within San Destin but almost always we stay on the bay side which has so many activities and places to go. This year we stayed in Crystal Lake.

Our street was lined with white Crepe was a beautiful sight.  Each house had it's own "beach" personality and color.

This was our "home" this year.

About 30 steps from our front door was Crystal Lake which is home to about 14 ducks none of which are afraid of humans.  They would literally come running when we walked up.  We tried to give them all names :) and lots of bread, chips and popcorn.

We took our annual family photo on the beach at Seaside where my daughter and son-in-law were married.  Instead of a mid-morning photo shoot we did a late afternoon on the beach.  Our color this year was pink or any variation of pink :)
Uncle Clint ("Quint" as Grayson calls him) with his precious niece and nephew.

This is how we "do" our pictures.  The camera is on a tri-pod, we all try to get grouped just right, my son-in-law hits the timer ..............and runs to get in the picture.  Oh and he usually scoops up a child.  All in 10 seconds.  Which is why we have so much fun taking our own pictures and why it takes us multiple trys to get 1 good one. favorite of the groups pics

Nice one

Look at the camera, Sloany instead of your big brother!

Kitchen photo of a future Cover Girl :)

Lovey, dovey Grayman!

Simply Beautiful

My favorite........Gray snuck in on this one

Good bye Florida, ducks, beach, sun and fun times until next year!
Thank you, Lord for a wonderful and safe trip.


  1. Love all your pics! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Ofcourse, loved the pink for your family pics!!!

  2. Aww...I miss it already! Had a blast as always! Thanks for the great time...Gray is still talking about ducks:-) And Sloan loved her first trip {of many} to Florida!