Friday, July 15, 2011

Bows & Onesies

I decided I want to learn to make bows to match the outfits I sew.  So this afternoon I watched alot of "You Tube" videos on bow making.  Let me tell you bow making has changed since I made them for my daughter years ago.  Now you have to use at least 5 different ribbons and they are called "Boutique Bows".  Wow!  I think a person needs a PhD in design to make a bow.  It took me a long time to make 3 little bows.  I want to get better at bow making but we'll see.

This saying is just too cute the way the lettering is done.  Love at first sight!

If anyone can teach me to make a "boutique bow"  give me a call.....quick!

What a face!  Too precious to scare me :-)

and a matching bow

Signing off for the weekend!  Have a wonderful Saturday & Sunday!
Gotta go work on my bow making skills :)

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