Monday, January 31, 2011

Twisted Hearts

 I just finished an order for a friend who picked out this design.  It is called Twisted Hearts designed by Embroitique.  At first I wasn't that sure about it but now I love it!  She wanted 5 for her little girl and her friends. 
 We used red and pink on all the shirts and onesies.  On this onesie I used a font called Mandi.  It is a Valentine font because it uses hearts in place of dots on I's and J's.
 On the other shirts and onesies I used the Denise font which is just a curly script.
 Bella's onesie......

Elle's onesie.......
 I make a ruffle ribbon for the bottom of Elle's shirt.

 Valentine pails for brothers .......
And one for their sister!


  1. I love Addie and Cole's Valentine's gift...I know a Karen Skinner creation when I see one! I will have to send you a pic of Addie in her onesie...she was so cute!

  2. Please share picture of Addie in her onesie. I'm glad you like the gifts.