Monday, January 17, 2011

Ruffle Ribbon Burp

 I received a Kelly's Kids catalog this weekend.  I think they target grandmothers because I have no idea why I got one.  Everything in there is so darn cute that you want one of everything.  But I kept going back to a towel with three rows of ruffled ribbon on it.
 I just had to buy some of that ribbon so I googled "ruffled ribbon" but there was none to buy.  I just had to have that ribbon so I made my own. 
After I had my ribbon ruffled I wasn't sure the best way to put it on my burp so I googled that, too.  What did we ever do without computers and Google?
Voila!  A ruffled ribbon burp. I may try a ruffled onesie.  Will gladly share my tricks and tips if there are any non-sewers like me:)


  1. That's the cutest burp you've ever made!! And it's mine, yay!

  2. too cute...I'll need one of those if we ever get a name decided on!

  3. Kelly's Kids is EVIL! I want everything in that book! Sadly, Chloe is not wanting to wear much in there anymore...makes me want to cry! :( Guess I'll have to buy for Addie now! lol

  4. Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that burp! TOO CUTE!!! The ruffles are def very CUTE!

  5. Thanks everyone! Glad you all like the ruffle burps! Kelly's Kids is full of inspiration.