Sunday, January 9, 2011


 It is sooooo cold outside and tomorrow we will have to get up and get going in this weather.  Soooo I thought we needed a little treat to warm us up at school tomorrow.  I had these pink boxes and added some red metallic shreds in the bottom.
 Added in a package of hot chocolate mix and a candy cane to use as a stir.  Made a quick homemade, well sorta homemade, brownie-fudgy bar to eat while sipping our hot chocolate.  The brownie-fudgy bar started with a cake mix and I kinda adlibed since I wasn't about to get out and go to the grocery store.
Then I topped it all off with some Kisses and a couple packs of Sixlets.  Going to school in the cold weather with be a little bit sweeter.  I hope you have a wonderful Monday :)