Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photo Album for Me!

 My daughter had a Bebe shower yesterday and she had a gorgeous baby book.  It was covered in white moire taffeta with Sloan's initials monogrammed on the front in pink.....gorgeous I remind you.  So..........I got inspired.  Years ago, about 24 to be exact, my mother-in-law, Jeri, and I took a class that taught us to cover albums with fabric.  I remembered the directions for the most part.
 It's just that we don't have easy access to beautiful fabrics unless we go way out of town or maybe order online.  I was determined to do this project today so I used some polka dot fabric and ribbon I had on hand.  I downloaded a new font from 8 claws and a paw went to sewing and gluing.  Mine is not gorgeous but it's just for me. 
 Maybe I'll get some better fabric and try another one.  It's a start.  But what's important is what's inside which will be pictures of my newest grand baby......Sloan.  She will make her debut next month!
Sloan Josephine Augustine's photo album for Bella :) 
Educators are off tomorrow so that includes me!
Have a great Monday holiday!

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