Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just Practicing

I'm not clairvoyant....just practicing doing a birth announcement.  I've been wanting to improve my PhotoShop Elements skills for a long time.  When I want to learn something I can be pretty determined.  Just like with anything new it takes time which is something I don't seem to have enough of.  I  took a class last year but still could not do what I wanted to do with PSE.  But recently I asked my young friend to give me some tips.  I would be so happy to be able to make invitations and fun things......not manipulate pictures.  So I practiced by making a birth announcement.

 It's hard to see but I used two different papers, two different fonts and a png graphic.  I won't say PSE is something that the more you play with it the easier it gets because it's so different from other programs.  I'm certainly not good at it but it's a start.  I used about 5-6 layers.  It makes me want to learn lots more. 
I added the S to the chair and added a little bling with a stone on the top of the chair.  I think I'd better stick with embroidery :)

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  1. I know exactly what you are going through! I tried to tackle PSE and got too frustrated. I hope you stick with it and aren't a quitter like me! Good luck!