Sunday, July 11, 2010

2 Baby Hats

I have been working on baby hats. Both of these are for newborns although one looks much larger than the other. Oops! This hat is called a Square Ribbed Hat and it is knitted on the largest needles I have ever used....size 17. I also used a yarn that is very chunky. I think this is a very popular trend in knitting right now....chunky yarn and BIG needles. I really love the look of this one. I had trouble finding the needles but ordered them from a knitting shop in Plano, Texas called the Woolie Ewe. Oh I want to visit that shop! A yarn called Soft Chunky was recommended by the girl on Etsy who sold me the hat pattern. But for now I'm using a yarn I found in town.
This little hat is made with much smaller needles and smaller yarn. It is so sweet and dainty and definitely looks the size for a newborn baby. I like the way it has a turn up around the bottom edge. It is a similar stitch pattern to the other hat but you would never think that.
Ok here they are side by side. Which is your favorite? I also have a pattern for a cocoon that matches the chunky pattern. It is adorable. I am having trouble finding the double pointed size 17 needles I need to make it. As soon as I find a place to order the needles and knit it I will show you the matching cocoon. Knitting lessons anyone?

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