Monday, July 19, 2010


Several months ago I made newborn things for Cassian but now he is 3 months old and his parents wanted LSU things for him. For some reason, everyone is wanting LSU things right now. Let's hope our Tigers have a good season this year.

Soooo he's getting a hooded towel in purple

and a onesie. I put a square of LSU plaid and added the lettering in Kool Curlz font. I think that font is so fun and even better than regular Curlz.

And last but not least ...... burp cloths. The font I used for these is Alphabet 38. I am using new software and this is one of the fonts from that program. It's my favorite of all of them.
I hope Cassian will bring the Tigers good luck.

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  1. Ooooh...I'll need to stock up on some LSU and Saints gear for the boys when we get back!! :)