Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sorry to bore you all with another post today but I just got excited about the class I took Saturday. I have always enjoyed taking Continuing Ed classes so when I read Beginning Photo Shop was being offered by McNeese I just had to give it a try. It was taught in DeRidder so that was a plus. There were 7 "eager beavers" in the class that morning. The majority of them were teachers and other folks who had a strong interest in learning to manipulate photos. Several of them were avid photographers who wanted to learn how to improve their photos. I was there for the creative side to make cupcakes toppers, invitations and fun things like that not to work with photos. Our instructor was a young graphic designer, web designer and as she called herself "a Photo Shop Geek". She was great...very laid back..moved to Lake Charles from California. I'm thinking the whole time this is not really what I'm interested in but tonight I think I've been bitten by the photo shop bug. My husband insisted on buying me Photo Shop Elements...that's just how sweet he is. I hoped on Amazon and ordered it tonight. Then just for fun I went to Pioneer Woman and read some of her old posts on PS and looked at her tutorials now I can't wait to try some things. It's all about layers and I guess like everything else the more you play with it the better you get and the easier it gets. I won't ever be a PS expert but hey it's all about having fun right? Those of you who already know PS share your favorite effect or share a tip! Ummm, now I want a new lens for my camera and ......I need to get back to reality.


  1. I'll send you an email with all of my favorite websites! I have PSE 7 and love it!

  2. Thanks for all your websites. I can't wait until my PS arrives. You must be a guest blogger and share all your talents. Just let me know when you want to. Can't wait until you guys are back home. We can really share ideas.