Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo Friday

My first Photo Friday begins with Grayson! His mommy sent a picture of Grayson wearing his red and white seersucker shortall that I gave him for Easter and that has his name embroidered on it. Isn't he a cutie? When I asked his mom a few questions about Grayson here is what she had to say:
1. Class of?........2026
2. Favorite foods? ...... Rice and gravy.....anything with rice
3. Hobbies?.......Loves to dance, play with Brees, loves music, plays with his cars, wrestle with his daddy, and just as of recently, go to the beach :)
4. What he wants to be when he grows up?......As of now, he will either become a builder (he loves to build things) or a musician since he loves music.
5. Favorite pet?.......Brees is his best friend
6. Girlfriend?......No girlfriend yet, thank goodness. But he is already a ladies man. They all love him!

Thanks Grayson and mommy for sending in your pictures for my "Photo Friday"! He is adorable in his embroidered shortall. Everyone have a great weekend and send in your pictures for next week


  1. What a great photo of Grayson! You need to frame this one :)

  2. Yes I think Colleen did a good job on that one.