Friday, April 9, 2010

Chalkboard Picture Frame

I have seen many blogs where old picture frames were converted to chalkboards. I love that look and have been wanting to try to make one myself. Months ago I picked up chalkboard paint in a spray can because I had planned to make one. Well finally last night I bought a 14 x 18 frame. I decided to spray paint the glass with the chalkboard paint not really knowing if it would work. It worked and it's great! I plan to use it for showers and birthdays and anything else when I want to make someone feel special. I bought my paint at Stines in Lake Charles but I'm sure Lowe's and maybe even WalMart carry it. I painted outside because of the fumes but brought it in to dry so that bugs would not land on it. Today I gave it another coat and tonight I wrote on it. The things that can be done with chalkboard paint are endless. Have fun with your chalkboard paint!


  1. It looks great. What a nice addition to the shower.

  2. I love it Mrs. Skinner! I definately need one!