Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anniversary Pillow

 My daughter saw a pillow like this on Pinterest and talked about how much she liked it.  So I went to YouTube (if you're not using YouTube for how to's, you're missing out).  I searched how to stencil on burlap.  Little did I know it would be so very easy.  So I practiced "my painting technique" (hehe) and it came out nicely.  Remember that this is a Shabby Chic/French Country look so it doesn't have to be perfect.  In fact you want it to look like it's been passed down from a grandmother or great-grandmother.

So here are the steps to make a stenciled burlap envelope pillow:
1) decide on the size pillow you want (I use pillow forms instead of fiberfill).  For this I used a 12"x16" form.
2) cut the front panel 1" larger in length and width.  So for a 12"x16" pillow I would cut my front fabric 13"x17"
3) Now make a stencil using your Cricut or any electronic cutter or buy a stencil.  I made my numbers 4".  I used my Plantin SchoolBook cartridge.  It is really a great cartridge.  Love the basic alphabet and numbers.  Using a temporary fabric adhesive, I adhered my stencil to the fabric.  (the spray will evaporate on its own in a few hours and leaves the fabric just as it was before spraying it.
4) I used white acrylic paint and a sponge brush.  My daughter wanted white numbers but I think black would look great, too.  I dabbed the paint on, remember it's a Shabby Chic look.
5) Let it dry.  Only takes a few minutes.  During this time I prepared the back of the pillow.
6) I used Muslin fabric for the back for 2 reasons: I ran out of burlap and I thought the Muslin would give it some stability.  My burlap is a loose weave so I was afraid the stitches might not hold too well but I was also out of burlap :)  It worked well.
7) Cut your back fabric 1" longer in length and 4" longer in width.  This gives you the extra fabric for the envelop opening.  So for a 12"x16" pillow I cut my back fabric 13"x 21".  I was adding 4" to the 17".  Does that make sense?
8) Now cut your back fabric in half vertically.  Hem the inside edges that will be the opening. ( You may want to watch a video on YouTube for that part)
9) Put front fabric and back fabric together (pretty sides touching each other).  Pin and stitch all around the pillow.  I used a 1/4" seam.
10) Clip your corners so that they will turn easily.  Turn pillow case to the right side, insert pillow form and voila a beautiful DIY stenciled pillow. 
I'm going to do a large initial pillow also for my daughter.  We will use a 14"x14" pillow form.  So I will cut the front 15"x15" and the back 15"x19".
Easy, easy!

I found this jute at WalMart the other day.  It's called Jute but it looks like burlap to me.  Maybe that's what jute is but I love it.  I'm thinking bows or making a wreath.  What do you think?  It is only 67 cents a yard.  I'm sure I'll think of something.

I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow :)
I'm heading to Atlanta to visit family.  It has become a summer ritual to visit my brother and his family out there.  He and my sister-in-law moved from Winston-Salem three years ago and I'm so happy they did.  Now they are much closer.  I plan to take lots of pictures to share.  My sister-in-law loves to shop and so we'll hit Ikea, HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning and all the other fun shops.  Maybe I'll get some good ideas and bargains.  Have a great rest of the week!



  1. I love my pillow! Thanks again! Have a great trip!:)

  2. You're welcome. I think next we should try a burlap garden flag with initial and est. 2008 on it. So much to do!

  3. I use google all the time for how-to videos!

  4. Your Pillow turned out so Cute! I just became a Follower! :0)