Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Little Outfit

I just had to make Sloan a little outfit for her upcoming vacation.  I bought this fabric a while back and have been keeping it until I could sew.  The color is so pretty but I'm not sure what to call the color.  It's not purple and it's not eggplant.  It's just a pretty color.

If you see straight pins in my shabby rosettes that's because I have not really finished them.  I will have to do that tomorrow.  I googled "toddler skirt patterns" and I found this one.  It is very simple ( which I love).  You can find the tutorial HERE.

Then I went to work on a matching top.  I have been wanting to use the tank tops that I bought so I grabbed the white one.  I used the same fabrics as in the skirt.  Then I pulled the green color out of the main pattern and used a green thread for the monogramm.  It shows up well on the dark fabric.

A complete outfit for my little grand baby girl.



  1. Darling! That patch coordinates so well with the motif of the fabric!

  2. Thanks janay. I really didn't think about that until you said it. I hope you are having a wonderful summer.