Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Time Stitching

Summer Time Tees

I found these great V-neck fitted tees at WalMart.  The style and quality are great.  I was looking for a pocket tee but they are no where to be found for females but I really like these better.  I wanted to stitch something that my daughter would like.  I think the V-neck is more youthful than a round neck.  I will be going for more of these tees today.

 Black Tee

 Fancy font 3 initial monogram

 Little something for Grayson

I wanted a very subtle July 4th design.  I wanted the design to be towards the bottom of the shirt and slightly tilted.  I searched for the perfect design that would be summery and would look good in red, white & blue.

I found this sailboat at
She has great designs that stitch out beautifully.  I have quite a few from her shop.  I added his name in girls are weird font. I think it works well on the striped shirt.  I want to go to Old Navy for some other striped tees.  I think they are on sale right now.  If you get there before I do buy some for me :)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Karen, do you have an embroidery machine? And if so, which one do you use? I know how to sew but would LOVE to be able to embroider (sic?) as well!

  2. Yes I have an embroidery/sewing machine. It is a Janome 1100. If you sew you can learn to embroider. It is a wonderful hobby. Let me know if I can answer any questions.