Sunday, June 10, 2012

Envelope Pillows

 I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love.  I adore Americana anything especially flags.  In fact I have about 4 flag pillows already.  Anyway, I wanted to make this pillow and the pattern was for sale.  Ok I want the pattern but it was not in pdf format or instant download like most patterns these days.  I was not waiting for it to arrive "snail mail", I had to make it or at least start it right then.

 I don't know that anyone could pay me enough to make another one especially without a pattern.  I started by buying the pillow form...12x16.  Then I did a little math (very little math) to see what size ruffles that would fit on a 12x16 pillow.  Then I remembered I don't know how to make an envelope pillow so I went straight to YouTube.  The first video was perfect and easy to understand.  Then I went to work making ruffles and trying to get them to fit perfectly on the front fabric.  I won't say it was fun but the end product is definitely worth the trouble.  I did monogram the 5 stars on the blue section.  It was a 2 session project for me. 
It's adorable sitting at my grand babies little white table and red chairs.

 Ok I couldn't stop with one pillow.  And one with no ruffles is soooooo easy!  This is left over fabric from Grayson's birthday & white chevron.  I had my back porch in mind when I stitched the extra large initial in red ( I have lots of flags around my house and yard right now and the red will match them).

 I feel like I've learned something new by making an envelope pillow!
Look out Halloween, LSU football season, birthday gifts, Christmas etc, (you get the picture) because I'll be making pillows for every occasion.

As soon as it cools off outside I'll be in my white chair on my back porch enjoying the beautiful summer weather and my envelope pillow :)
I hope you've had a great weekend.



  1. Mrs. Karen...I love them!!! You did such a great job, I am impressed.

  2. Thank you Ashley! Can't wait to see more of your sports bedroom make over!