Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sweet Chick & Lilly Collections

{The Sweet Chick}

It is almost Spring and Easter is not far behind that.  I am starting to stitch some sweet bunnies and chicks.  A friend of my son sent me a picture from Pinterest and asked if I could make her bloomers and leg warmers just like the ones on Pinterest so this is my version.  The Sweet Chick is from Applique Market.  I ordered new fabric from my favorite Etsy fabric shop.  The fabric is called "Sunny Ta Dot" by Michael Miller.  Ohhh I just love his Ta Dots collection.  I want everyone of them.

I ordered these yellow polka dot leg warmers and added a chiffon ruffle. 

Now Miss Harper is ready for Spring and Easter! 
I have to stitch some other things using the Sweet Chick. May add a little bow to Sweet Chick.

{The Lilly Collection}

This is another new Michael Miller Ta Dot fabric.  It is called "Sea Ta Dot".  I use Ocean Ta Dot all the time but the polka dots are them both.  I wanted an eclectic look for these gifts so I combined different patterns and colors.

Using the same 60's inspired fabric I placed it in the soles of the Mary Jane shoes.  Then I used it for the ruffle.

I used a rainbow of colors for Lilly's name.  This is a new font that is part of the Embird Font Collection.  I think it is #48 which is their latest font to introduce.  It's different and fun.

But every mother wants a traditional old-fashioned script for sweet baby bloomers

I have a new recipe from Pinterest I want to try this afternoon.  If it turns out yummy I will post that later.  Enjoy your Saturday.  It has turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.


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