Saturday, March 10, 2012

My new abbreviation is STOP {Saw this on Pinterest}.  Instead of telling you every time that I was inspired by something on Pinterest I will just say STOP instead :)
Fell in love with this kitchen towel the minute I saw it and thought I can do that (that is when I find the time).  Tonight I found the time.  It is a simple, natural and somewhat Shabby Chic look or even French Country.  Whatever it is I Iove it!

The ones I saw were made of cream linen and since I didn't have any on hand or anywhere to buy fabric today I used what I had.  I cut 2 pieces of fabric 20 x 30 inches and cut  2-5.5 x 40 inch strips for the ruffles. I hemmed all the sides, made the ruffle and attached ruffle to towel.  Next what to embroider? {the happy couple's initials of course}

I bought a new monogram last weekend.  It is called Victor 28 {go figure why it's called that....I don't have a clue}.  I thought it was perfect for the French country look I wanted.  The thread is a golden sandy color.  I have to attend a Bridal Shower next week.  Guess what I'm taking to the shower?  Now I must finish the 2nd one.  What about Bienvenue on a set?  Yes!

I'm all about semi-homemade.  I think this is something new....saw it for the 1st time in WalMart today.  Figured I'd try something new.

Bake a Bundt cake......add this and this is what you get................

{also love the Pink for Spring and Easter}
Ok going to set my clocks forward but not without kicking and screaming.  I do not like losing an hour.  I need all the hours in one day I can get :)
Have a wonderful Sunday


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