Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Unexpected Holiday

Yesterday it started raining after noon and it continued to rain through the night.  It was not just a slow rain, it was a torrential rain.  Our parish and neighboring parishes were flooded in many areas.  Schools were closed today.  However, all of that has moved out and at least in our area, the water is no standing in our yards. My son travels about 50 miles to work and another 50 miles home.  I pray every morning for his safety to and from work.  Little did I know that yesterday on his trip home that he would encounter a tornado on the highway.  One of the girls that is in his carpool had the composure to video the whole experience.  It was very scary for them.  They are safe but it sure gives us something to be thankful for and something to talk about :) 
So on my rain day holiday from work this is what I did...

My newest recipe from Pinterest....
Bunny Bark
It is so delicious and fun to make.  It is even more fun to give away.  This is my 3rd time to make it.  The first I made over the weekend.  I didn't have Oreo cookies on hand so I used Do-si-dos (my Girl Scout cookies).  It really has been the best tasting batch that I've made.  But Oreos are yummy, too.
The recipe and source can be found HERE.

I have a state convention to attend this weekend.  My good friend is the state president ( I think I've shared that with you before).  I just had to take her a little something because I'm so proud of her and because it never hurts to be in good graces with a state president :) I figured a pail filled with Bunny Bark and other goodies would work.  

I found this adorable polka dot pail at Target.  Using my Cricut I cut her initials with my software and vinyl.  Then I added lots of treats. 

I also had a couple of burp cloths to stitch for Baby Samuel.  I made them coordinating.

This almost looks like a sunflower to me.

Same fabric and same thread colors

I hope everyone is ok after our rains/flood.
For me it was an unexpected holiday.  I enjoyed it but it's back to work tomorrow.
Have a good Thursday.


  1. Just stumpled on your blog... And I LOVE it!
    You create the cutest things. Can't wait to visit again soon.

  2. So many cute ideas...I have joined your blog. Patsy

  3. Thanks ladies. I appreciate your comments. Welcome and come visit as you can.

  4. LOVE your site! Such cute ideas. I was wondering if you could tell me what Cricut font you used for the monogram on the bucket?

  5. It is actually an embroidery font called Empire. I made the monogram in my embroidery software and then used my circuit software to cut it. I have another post where I explained it in detail. Thanks for your comments.